Q&A - 433 - Lymph System. Accutane/Acne, Cold Hands/Feet, Low Libido

Nov 30, '17

03:03 – Janelle – I watched a video a long time ago that Dr. Morse mentioned that the lymph system piggy backs the blood veins. BUT, in the q&a video 421, he showed the bumps on my legs being varicose veins. I really felt the bumps must be from the lymph swelling, not the weakening of the vains…

10:57 – William - Didn't know any better, took accutane for acne nearly 2 years ago. I have side effects that bother me and have not gone away. My lower and upper back, as well as my neck get stiff and soar very easily, dry mucous membranes (in nose and eyes), and hair shedding are my main side effects that are the most bothersome. I've gone vegan with lots of fruits and vegetables in my diet to try to recover. I also take supplements for my joints. Anything else I can do to speed up my recovery? thoughts on water/juice fasting, would it help?

34:46 – Ali - Hi Dr. Morse. Thank you for everything. My name is ALI (like the famous boxer) Im a 27 y.o. male from Germany. My diet is 95% fruits (melons, grapes, lemon) for 3 weeks now and im filtering a little bit. My symptoms are cold hands/cold feets, low libido, low drive, no motivation. I know my thyroid is low and im on my way to fix it. My first Question, can i detox without herbs? Second question, my sister has some wierd symptoms. Low blood pressure (108/77), shes very thin (103 pounds), high pulse, palpitations, anxiety and chronic fatigue. I think she has low adrenals. How can we be sure it is low adrenals? Are their some blood values we can check? In the future i want to be a healer too like you, to help a lot of people.

48:31 - 1)I developed scalp eczema abot 2.5 years ago. It is somewhat better but spread throughout the scalp. I have tried a dozen natural remedies and have used triamcinalon against my better judgment. The eczema showed no improvement while eating raw fruits for 6 mo. 2)I caught a virus (I think) and was sick with ear infections and congestion with chills, body aches and general malaise for the better part of 3 months with some "well" intervals. I was perscribed amoxicillon, which had no affect. I was then perscribed another broad spectrum antibiotic, which had no effect. The ear infections are still rampant. I feel great otherwise but would say I only have about 70% hearing. I don't consider these conditions normal. What's going on?

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