Q&A 432 - Abdomen/belly Pain, Hyperthyroidism, Iridology Dr. Jensen

Nov 30, '17

09:02 – Barbara & Minas - Hello Dr. Morse.Thank you from the beginning for the precious time you dedicate to read this message coming from Greece.My name is Barbara.Me and my husband we're watching every single video of you on YouTube.So,I'm vegan for more than 2 years.On the other hand my husband isn't.He has some health problems about 10 years now.These problems are:pain in the adbomen/belly after any meal or even without eating.These pains are also accompanied by puffiness,swelling and some gas in the intestines/bowels.He has also pears/heartburn and regression.After many visits to doctors and without any results,in the past year he made some examinations that showed polyps.One of them in the large intestine which the doctor condemns.The other polyp is in the esophagus and is 2 centimeters,from the examination until now it has propably remained there.Following a "treatment",there was no positive development and the symptoms continued.The last 25 days he followed a vegan  diet,based in fruits ,including rice, also potatoes but many fruits and less vegetables and of course fresh smoothies.Some of the symptoms like heartburn have retreated.But all the other symptoms I described above still exists of course to a lesser degree in relation to pro-vegan feeding.What you suggest in this case? How will all the symptoms disappear as well as the polyp in the esophagus? What diet should he follow and which of your herbs and formulations do you suggest? Some other problems that he has is the inguinal hernia.On one of your videos you said that can  be replicated the gut tissue.Can you please tell us how can this will be happen? Also,he has many muscle pains in the body in general but especially in the back,the spine/backbone and in the neck.What can we do about it? We watch you long time through your amazing videos on YouTube.You have incredible knowledge and we identify with you! You do a great job for humanity,helping both the health of body and mind and we are grateful for that! Your help is precious and important and we look forward to your response.

34:55 – Stuart - Hi Dr Morse, my wife was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and was directed to take 3 medications, one for the thyroid, one for her abnormally high heart rate and one for her upset stomach. All three of these medications are unfit to take while breastfeeding. I am of the opinion that this is the lymph system backing up and that a nice long fruit fast or juice fast would immediately improve her condition but I am trying to also respect her right to chose whatever avenue of "treatment" that she feels most comfortable with. So I have two questions. 1. What can she do naturally without the use of pharmaceuticals to treat and cure this condition? 2. I have been making a substitute formula using 1 young coconut 1cup water 4 dates and 1tsp Hawaiian spirulina and 1tsp wheat grass juice run through a slow press juicer, is this adequate? Or what else can I do? Thank you so much brother and god bless

49:03 – Randy - Thank you for all the things that you do and the hard work you and your team put in to do so. You are all a true blessing. I was wondering if you could do a little history summary video about your friendship/relationship with Dr. Jensen? Not so much on the iridology side but things that you’ve learned from him and each other over the years. The evolution in your thought about human health regarding Dr. Jensen’s theories and studies. Or more bluntly, what did Dr. Jensen get right about human health and where did he or the both of you miss the mark?

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