Q&A - 431- Stroke, Hyperandrogenism, Spinal Stenosis

Nov 30, '17

34:23 – Bethany - Should I take your Healthy Pituitary Capsules or your Female Reproductive Tonic capsules? I'm a 29 year old with hyperandrogenism, hormonal acne, and lipomas (one under my left armpit). I have irregular cycles, and I track my temperature each morning. Chicken and sugars have been the main culprits in causing ovulation problems. I've tried being a raw vegan but I am also having troubles with my insulin, so dates/fruits can be a problem. I would like to have kids in around 3 years.

40:43 – Kara - You are lovely. A true healer! I've encountered so many spiritual awakening since fruit and herbs, some frightening most wonderful. was wondering what you're perspective on hybrid fruits and herbs are wouldn't they be acid forming if they man made? according to Dr. Sebi, do you know his teachings? Also thoughts on Irish Sea moss have you tryed it before? Ancient civilizations with more advanced technology producing free energy?

50:37 – Jill - I came across a video on YouTube by a chiropractor named Eric Berg who describes why most peoples' bodies are too ALKALINE, and that they need to take apple cider vinegar in order to acidify themselves. He says being too alkaline, especially as we age, results in inability to absorb calcium... This is obviously the opposite of what Dr. Morse teaches, I would like to hear him comment on it.

58:52 – Tom – I am from Holland and very curious and health. The last few months I’ve been studying your videos and book, I’m very interested in your theory of human health, combine with herbal medicine…

1:03:41 – Debra - My health has been up and down for many years.  in 2014 i had Breast Cancer and while in the hospital they did a cardiac catheterization. I soon had a device inserted for radiation over the course of a week... called a Savvi Catheter.  Only had a small cancer stage 1. But I am on a cancer drug 'anastrozole' , for 2 years now and have to take it for another three…

01:20:31 – SQ - I pray God will bless you with a long life! We need you to show us the way back to health. My mother, 70.5 years old, has a very severe case of spinal stenosis along with adrenal adenomas and cysts on her kidney. She has been on the kidney caps & drops + lymph + adrenal/endocrine (I switch between the two) & stomach caps for almost a year. No improvement. I’ve recently added the Pain + Spasm drops. Some improvement but not consistently. She is 98% fruit. She has much stress. I’m unable to take good quality photos of the eyes. I am taking your course but not learning fast enough to help her. It’s painful to watch her suffer.  What am I missing? She is in a toxic relationship that has her constantly scared and   stressed. Working on a way out. In the meantime is there a way to reverse her conditions? Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

01:32:24 – Dayne - I'm a 24 year old male with extreme depression and anxiety. I'm on the Ssri Celexa 10 mg currently. I was at 40 mg, but slowly reducing my dose because if the side affects. I been watching your videos for a while now and recennly ordered the fab 4 kit to help move lymph. I'm trying hard to stop eating meat because of the high acidosis, but when I only eat fruit.. I'm always hungery a couple of hours later. Is something else wrong?

1:39:03 – Ashley - Hello my name is Ashley and I'm seventeen years old and ever since last year in the early spring I've been experiencing terrible dyshidrosis. At first it started off small and I thought it would go away but then the fluid filled blisters increased on my pointer finger on my right hand then they spread to my middle and ring finger then to the pointer finger on my left hand. I think the cause may be stress due to all of the academics I undertake and the sleep deprivation I endure throughout the school year…

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