Q&A - 429 - Testicular Cancer, Genital Herpes, Mycoplasma Genitalum.

Aug 3, '172 comments
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04:48 – Ionut – On the 13th March 2017 I have been diagnosed with testicular cancer – it was 1.1cm tumor. Without a shadow of a doubt I started eating raw food and then started to do my research about what cancer is!...

43:37 – David - I am 20 years old and 3 months ago I contracted genital herpes from my ex. I have been emotionally drained and depressed ever since I found out. I would like to know if there is any hope to fully get rid of this virus 100% completely out of my body, and not have it laying dormant in my body? I've seen many of your videos on this topic and most of them have been hopeful. However, I am just really terrified if I do a detox and eat meat again, just to see if Herpes is completely out of my body, will it reappear? As if it was never detoxed out of my body, and all the detox did was make the virus lay dormant in my body. Basically the detox only suppressed the virus, and it isn't an actual cure to get rid of the virus out of the body completely?

57:29 - I am medical student, was tested positive for mycoplasma genitalum.  ( i would appreciate if you dont mention my name or email address in your videos please) Took multiple antibiotics, as we are taught unfortunately in mainstream medicine. 5 months down the line, I still have mycoplasma genitalum ( urge to urinate, itchy feeling right side spermatic cord and also epididymitis testicular region ) furthermore it seems the mycoplasma seems to have travelled up to prostate as i have prostatitis and calcification of prostate !!

1:09:07 – Kelly – For someone with Cancer, what is your take on using intervals of PET/CT scans to monitor status of cancer, tumors, etc.? Is it worth using those diagnostic methods with amount of radiation they emit on your body? Is there a better alternative?

1:11:28 – Ana – One of Dr. Morse’s students says that fruits do not hydrate like green and veggie juices because they do not have enough sodium for the body/adrenals to retain water in order to hydrate – What is Dr. Morse’s thought on this?

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Nick on Sep 8, '17

I can only find concord grapes that have seeds in them(can not find seedless concord grapes). I just take the seeds out and eat them.They are very sweet,much more than the table grapes but more expensive.Thank you Dr. Morse for all that you and your staff do.

Frank Critelli on Aug 4, '17

Soooo Informative ..Thank You

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