Q&A - 427 - TB infection, Antibodies, Can't Gain Weight

Jul 24, '172 comments
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48:31 – Bonnie - Hello! I've been taking your Fab 4 - and loving the way I'm feeling. But I have also been taking a prescription for a TB infection for the last 30 days. My doctor did a blood test to check my liver and I have an elevated ALT result. Normal range for females is 6-29 for this lab and mine is 51. Everything else is in the normal range. I'm wondering if the herbs I'm taking is affecting the test? My feeling is that the antibiotic, Isoniazid, is damaging my liver. Curious what you think.

55:26 – Will Dr. Morse’s herbs enable me to test gov anti body negative. Not viral load undetectable.

1:00:45 - I get bad breath every time I eat anything other than fruits, vegetables and red quinoa. Lettuce was actually only veggie I was eating. I can’t gain weight without eating 3500 cal a day and even then if I go to work I lose weight and can’t gain because I just burned it all right off or something so I’d have to even more! My muscles get fatigued immediately. It does not feel right.

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Ernest Attwood on Jul 29, '17

What causes a sudden increase in blood pressure for prolonged period, lasting several days so fsr after having a regular normal to low pressures & how can I correct it ? When I say high, I mean 148-154/90-102

Karen Gordon on Jul 26, '17

Excellent video! Right on point with so many points! That grape and banana fast did Dr. Morse a lot of good! I am so sorry to hear about his sister. I know he mentioned her many times through the years in his videos. Please send him my condolences.

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