Q&A - 426- Hyperacusis, Cerebral Palsy, High Fruit Diet

Jul 24, '174 comments
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03:32 – Article – Doctors strike; Deaths Decrease

05:50 – Angela – Update on little girl – The tumors have gotten smaller, she’s improving and doctors were curious as to what she’s doing because of it!

09:33 – Daisha – Lifestyle coach in a wellness clinic in Utah. I’ve had a rough medical history in my 44 years until about 8 years ago when something shifted inside and I relized that there must be a different way to handle my chronic issues. I researched like crazy and was abor to wean off all my medications…

44:52 – Dale – My main question here is do you know anything about fruit having estrogen or progesterone?

47:04 – David – I get extreme hyperacusis – Sound sensitivity – sensory overload- or sensory processing disorder – noise, light sensitivity.

54:36 – Clair – We NEED your help! Our government has taken this beautiful boy whom has cerebral palsy from his loving home. The aware, loving parents give him, their son cannabis oil for his seizures, along with an organic diet…

1:05:30 – Matthew – Master fast mumbo jumbo. What is this guy talking about?

1:23:44 – Meghen – My kids and I seem to do worse in some ways on a high fruit, low fat vegan diet – mostly raw- A friend sent me this article which may explain why we do not thrive on the diet.

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Adina on Oct 17, '17

Love you Dr. Morse! Thanks God in this planet are people like you (no very many, very very few have your gift) spreading the truth! High fruit diet is the best thing that I ever learnt … vibrancy and energy that I gain from this life style no one could gave me. I have deep respect for your work. You are always on my prayers for everything that you are doing in this life to teach everyone the TRUTH!

Nick on Sep 8, '17

This character Mathew does not know what the hell he is talking about.Cooked anything is acid forming and this idiot is dangerous to anyone who follows his stupid recommendations.Raw is what all living creatures are designed to eat to be healthy(raw ripe fruit and herbs for humans). It seems Mathew is trying to justify his cooked food diet into being something healthy when in fact and truthfully is totally unhealthy.

Nick on Sep 8, '17

It is disgusting and repulsive what the typical medical profession and corrupt people in our government will do to push their egotistical agenda of drugs and acid forming treatments(torture) for money! They do not care about helping people or about health(until their health fails). If they were interested in health ,they would listen to Dr. Morse who helped so many people get well.

andrea on Jul 31, '17

Thank you sharing your gift

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