Q&A - 424 - Pyoderma Gangrenousm, Tetanus Vaccine, Bone Like Growths

Jul 24, '17
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2:30 – Thank you Josh!

4:00 – Abeer –  am a 37 years old female. I have three kids. I have too many health issues, I will list them by order and in which age it started. Depression at 7 years old. Age 10 - Cellulite, Spider Veins, Sharp pains in my chest (difficulty to breath) Age 12 – Overweight, IBS, Crohn’s Age 18 – Severe panic attacks, anxiety, depression, struggle to breathe normally. Age 34 – After giving birth to my daughter, I started to get the Pyoderma Gangrenosum, which is an autoimmune disease. Also had deep growing ulcers. I had it on my back for one year with the diagnosis no one knew what it was. The bleeding would not stop and I had another one on my back, left side of my body. Taking 40mg Prednisone was the only answer to close the ulcers and after they were closed I stopped taking the medications. After a water fast, I had five ulcers, Pyoderma Gangrenosum.
31:20 – Stephanie - My son is 1 year & 4 months old. He has received no vaccines at this time, and it seems he will remain unvaccinated unless I am thoroughly convinced of its safety to do so.  My question is, however, about the tetanus vaccine. Could you ever recommend it? I've heard a child is best protected by receiving a series of 3 or 4 of them before they are too old. And I'm just referring to tetanus alone, not the Dtap combo shot. I would love to hear from you on this. I trust your opinion and your experience as the best information I can find on the internet these days, so thanks for taking the time to answer.

36:18 – Dre - Dear Dr. Morse, Thank you for your time and knowledge with putting your videos together and educating people with the truth. I am a 37 yr woman with bone like growths along the edges of where my tongue rests in my mouth (mandibular tori). Its really bothering me because I've heard the only way to get rid of it is to get it chipped off. Please advise on why i have it and any herbal recommendations as well as how to heal my mouth. I have a feeling its from my past cheese obsession

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