Q&A - 423- Phimosis, Pulmonary Embolism, Scar Tissue/Stretch Marks

Jul 24, '17
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10:38 – Article – Excess Dietary Protein Can Adversely Affect Bone.

30:38 – Frank – Hi Dr. Morse, I recently came across your Youtube channel which I enjoy and would love to know what do you recommend for Phimosis. I’ve had this problem for over a year now.

36:42 – Envoyé – My son Jonathan was a very successful and bright guy before his inner ear surgery. He had an inner ear surgery in March 2013 and had a pulmonary embolism. He has now scars into the cerebellum and suffer from a cerebellum symptom.

44:40 – Florence – I have a query regarding scar tissue and stretch marks. I have them on my hips, breast, etc. If I started detoxing, could I expect them to get eaten up and if so, how long mat that take?

56:50 - Dawn - My name is Dawn.. Now 46 years of age. Iv now watched all of your YouTube videos in amazement and shared them with many... Some history... It all connects..  Mother always anxious when i was a child. I had my first panic attacks from age 13 after Tonsils removed. Lots of antibiotics and sore throats. Ear infections and water infections..  Mother was born with 2 kidneys but one was shrunk and tiny.  She went on to develop, wait for it, over active thyroid, pernicious anemia, angina, auto immune defficiency depression and now high blood preasure. Whilst carrying my brother she lost all off her teeth to no calcium. In fact they removed them at the same time as her C section under general anesthetic as doctor told her she was very ill whilst anesthetized.

1:21:33 - Hasan – I’ve been on medication for my thyroid and my diabetes since age 11 years. How do You come off medication and let the body heal? Will my body be able to produce these hormones again?

1:29:22 – Hemshikha - Sir my father J S Tambrey underwent a laparoscopic cholecystectomy for gall stone removal in 2014...after which he started developing ascites. It was mild at first but later it got severe and he had to undergo paracentesis fluid removal now every month.
He isn’t an alcoholic but there is history of hepatitis b somewhere in the past which is not active now. We went for its treatment in many higher centres in india...but got no diagnosis or treatment yet. In December 2015 he also got severe septicemia because of repeated fluid removal and he was in hospital for like 6 months in icu. Also underwent a liver biopsy n mri and it shows only Nash and splenomegaly and slight sequalea of portal hypertension. Sir right now the only major major problem is Ascites which isn’t getting treated with any means ...no diuretic is working either. Also is albumin level is quite low

1:37:53 – Tina - I’m writing to you because of my older sister who is 27 years old and has been diagnosed with a tumor of the adrenal glands. The tumor seems to be non-functional and neither surgery nor chemo would be an option (according to the oncologists it’s a carcinoma). Her lymph nodes of the neck also became swollen by the end of October 2016 and they’re still swollen today, but haven’t changed in size. Besides of the tumor, my sister is doing amazing and feeling great (probably due to all the supplements she is taking). She doesn’t seem to be sick at all. We also started our own natural cancer treatment in summer 2016. It all looked good until the lymph nodes became swollen (the tumor even stagnated in the beginning of October 2016). I’m starting to think that the lymph nodes just might be clogged).

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