Q&A - 422 - Pituitary Adenoma, Liver Cancer, Breast Implants, Malabsorption

Jun 15, '17
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1:47 – Jenni - I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time I work in a hospital Rheumatology department to be specific and have finally learned stay away from medication!!!! I did have a pituitary adenoma x2 had surgery x2 and radiation ( gamma knife )  Knowing what I know now I would not have done any of it but I did and this wAs 7 years ago  I'm 47 lost my period , bruise very easily and have a swollen abdomen  Can you make any suggestions?

16:58 - Christine – I was blessed with crossing paths with Brad, a beautiful sould from Indiana. In early April he was sent home to die by his medical doctors with a bottle of Nexavar - $17,000- and was told these would prolong his life from advanced stage 4 liver cancer from 2 months to 4…

25:17 – Marco - Is fat hardened lymph fluid due to an over acidified state (since lymph fluid is a lipid)? Does fat serve as a protective surrounding of cells by the lymphatic system to protect the organs/cells from acidification?

34:15 – Denise - I believe I have breast implant illness. I have become a vegan 50 to 75% raw. I would like to do Dr Morse's protocol to become as healthy as possible before an explant surgery. Has Dr Morse come across these type of issues? Does the protocol help in preparing for surgery? Thank you for your time & expertise.

38:52 – Jonez - Would those who are suffering from Malabsorption benefit more from herbal tinctures than pill form? And does the liver deal with emotional sensitivity?

44:02 – Reut - Quick iridology question: What are healing lines? Do you have an example of what they look like?PS. Thanks for saving my life. A big hug and lots of love. You're my hero.
46:25 – Terri – I was diagnosed with breast cancer – three tumors. During biopsy, I had markers placed against my wishes and one lymph node removed. Later, I had cryablation procedure where the tumors and twp lymph nodes were frozen.
52:30 – Gnarly Marlee - My pupils do a very strange thing. One will be big in one eye and small in the other. It is not always the same eye that is the small one, compared to the big one.This only happens sometimes. It doesn't seem to be predictable when it happens. I am wondering if it is a symptom of something serious. I suspect it is adrenal and nerve related. What do you think?

57:21 – Jean – Localized prostate cancer diagnostic, now revised as aggressive, with probable extension to the immediate vicinity. Sloane Kettering prognostic: bone cancer within 2/3 years.

1:08:02 – Olivia - Hello! I had a cold 3 weeks ago of aches, fever etc. The week after I felt better but had my lungs filled with fluid and kept coughing up mucus, except I am terrible at spitting up so most of it got swallowed :/ I decided to start drinking heal all tea, but the detox landed me right back on my ass. I have a sinus infection, my ears have been clogged, I have terrible pressure in my face (sinuses) and when I am working long hours at school, by the end of the day a fever starts up again. Next step?

1:18:47 – Silva - Are you against ALL vaccines? We have a 14-month old daughter who got the DTAP vaccine but we don't want her to get anymore. Yesterday I went for a prenatal check up for my second pregnancy and the doctor tried hard to push the flu shot on me, saying that some mom and her babies died who didn't get the flu shot. She almost cried when my husband and I tried to explain how we feel about vaccines. I refused it. What are your thoughts on the flu shot for pregnant women?

1:27:23 – William - Dear Dr Morse, much love! I recently found out hawaii has organic fruit farms you can work on in exchange for food and board. This sounds incredible to me. Have you ever given any thought to starting something like a detox farm? I think that's probably my dream, tho I don't know much about farming yet and my detox still needs work. But giving clients tinctures of botanicals you grow yourself sounds so romantic. Just curious if you ever thought of doing anything similar.

1:35:30 – Reiss – I am preparing for a breatharian transformation in July in Hawaii. I was born with brown eyes, and until I started dry fasting I never knew they were truly blue…

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