Q&A - 419 - Turmeric/Baking Soda/Molasses Drink, Heart PVCS, Charcoal

Jun 3, '17
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17:23 – Brandon - Dr Morse I am so happy and grateful to have come across your videos / this message and this community.  IV been high fruity vegan since fall of 2013 with a few slip ups, actually I would call them experiments with more cooked. I did one month raw when I was in Hawaii last year and I felt like I could run forever as well as heightened mood and recover and much more. It felt like I could fly!! Last month (mid january thru most of Feb.) I went thru a real big fall. I struggle with depression from time to time. I was in a foreign environment and it was a toxic one at that (Los Angeles). I started eating fake meats and much more processed foods. Lots of negative self talk and lethargy.  A few days before finding your videos I ate a bag of grapes and said wow this is what I need right now. Now Iv discovered from you the power of these red grapes. How cool. Iv been juicing greens lately and started juicing these lovely grapes. Going to go on a grape fast soon (once my celery and bananas are gone :). RAW foods are AMAZING! Just after two days eating 100% raw high fruit I've got my power back.  Lethargy is leaving (jumping out of bed again!) and depression is on its way out! I ate a baked sweet potato and squash last night (4 days into raw) and pain in my right knee flared up almost immediately. Can’t say if it was directly connected but it is interesting. (Been dealing with that knee for a couple years now.)  I’ve obviously known the power with fruits but it’s funny how you can fall off the wagon sometimes. I’ve wanted to eat cooked regularly but I’m realising that if I want to be my best I need to be 95-100% raw! I’ve been more motivated to eat raw for life than ever and you came around at just the right time

54:26 – Lazaro – I’d like to know Dr. Morse’s opinion about turmeric, baking soda – molasses drink?

59:51 – Chris - Hi Dr Morse I am having frequent heart pvcs. I'm two months raw vegan with a good balance of high fruit and vegetable. I was wondering what herbs I can take to help my arrhythmia. I am 26 years old and have had this problem since I was 15 and want to stop it once and for all.

1:05:45 – Ramona - Hello! My name is Ramona and I live in British Columbia Canada. I have recently received your Heal All Tea and made a 2 minute video showing how I prepare it. YouTube deleted it. I have no idea why because all I was doing was making tea. If I was suppose to have your permission first, they didn't mention it. They just gave my channel a strike and asked me to acknowledge it. There is a link to appeal but for their convenience it doesn't seem to work

1:07:56 – Wendi - Hi there. I am on a Dr Morse teaching  fb page and came across a question some of us couldn't answer .. if this question could be addressed that would be great .. She is wanting to know how effective the herbs are in the gi broom if charcoal is in it.

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