Q&A - 416 - Gallstones, Breast Cancer, ALS, IgA Nephropathy.

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16:39 - it is stated that honey an infant can cause botulism, and is not recommended to be given to babies under 12 month old. If this is a risk, can infants under 12 month old safely giving your glycerin formulas, which are made would raw honey?

18:30 – Lee - I have a daughter which is one year old, and she has gallstones since she was in the hospital as a preemie. She spent the first 75 days in NICU. I do administer to her Ursodiol for the past 10 months.

22:18 – Anne -  am a 48 year old woman diagnosed with breast cancer March 2016.I had the titanium clip put in. (Cringing). Also had a needle biopsy. (positive). The doctors wanted to slash and burn my breast and body but my husband had presence of mind to refuse all that.That was the end of my allopathic experience. I immediately and  intuitively water fasted for 18 days and during that time found you on Youtube. (May the blessings be.)  Thank you for helping to save my life. 

40:43 – Chris - My wife Vanessa was diagnosed as having ALS in August of 2015. We live near Boston and have periodic visits to MGH, who have little to offer. Through a friend I found a acupuncturist/herbalist in Queens NY, Cesar Armosa, who has been very helpful, but Vanessa has not yet fully committed. Are there any ALS diagnosed people who through your program returned to full health who might encourage her with their personal experiences? I have read The Detox Miracle Sourcebook and am personally on board...

45:42 – Tiffany – I have a stage for breast cancer, I’m 31 years old. Detox two years ago. I’ve been juicing, and when begin right away. It has slowed down, but hasn’t stopped it. It’s also in my lymph nodes and bones.

54:32 – Lee - My name is Lee and although I am a certified detoxification specialist there are many things to know. I would really appreciate if you took the time and made a 45 minute to an hour long video on glandulars (adrenal glandulars in particular). This video would once and for all cover many points and aspects of using glandulars. you could call the video Glandulars 101. In the video it would be nice if you covered the benefits, things to be cautious of and independent use.

1:09:03 – Manon - I had a tumor of the bone in the brain-a sarcoma, on my left side removed 8 months ago but not all removed. At the recent scan,it showed swelling and lesions. I refused chemo and radiation. The tumor left me with epilepsy episodes and spasms on the right side, mostly my arm. If I get cold, it can start an episode. I eat mostly fruits and veg, but also need warm food. I took the lymph tonic 1 and the kidney 1. Is there something to do for the epilepsy and central nervous system? for the tumor?

1:12:44 – Fred -  I was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy several years ago. I began hitting creatinine numbers of 12 around first part of the year 2014. By August 2014 I walked into Dr Vera's office with creatinine level 20.3 and a bloody nose that wouldn't stop. They immediately put me on peritoneal dialysis. Now, over 2 1/2 years later, they keep me on a high protein diet. Am I too late for fruits, berries and melons?  They want to take my wife's kidney, put it in a pool so that I would get one from the pool that is a match.
1:!7:51 – Isabelle - I am a 55 year old woman. I was diagnosed 6 months ago with a Myelofibrosis.My bone marrow doesn't do its work and solidifies. I also suffer of anemia , tiredness and hyperthyroidism. In some months I have to get a chemotherapy that will destroy my bone marrow and then transplant a new one. Have you ever treated that kind of case ? And, what should i do in my lifestyle ?

1:23:10 – Dr. Vivian T Suarez - Dr. Morse, my name is Vivian and I have been following your videos for around 3 weeks now. I just love they way you explain everything, you have even help me to understand medicine better. The labor that you are doing is admirable and very valuable, and I want to be one of the ones that spreads your knowledge. I went to medicine school in the Dominican Republic, and when I came back to the US, I don't see to fit in the health system here, I don't like it, it seems like a business where patient health is not the priority anymore.

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sharon on Jun 18, '17

How do the sugars in the fruits impact the tumor as it is well known that sugar and carbs are food for the cancer cells? I was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer in 2013 and was doing veggies and some natural herbs. Been off my routine and feel the tumor is growing. I am now having pain in the area. Want to get back on a regimen that is going to shrink or kill this tumor. I plan on doing high dose Vit C, hyperthermia treatments, and HBOT in the near future. Also my husband is dealing with CFS, and Alzhiemers. He has virtually no energy. Getting dressed exhausts him

rick jobus on May 6, '17

I have ALS, and interested to know any folks with ALS that recovered following your protocol.

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