Q&A - 414 - Congenital Aortic Stenosis, Herpes, Scar Tissue, Changing Diet.

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12:09 – Gabriel - I am from Portugal from the mountains called Serra da Estela, 29 old male. I had congenital aortic stenosis and had to open heart surgeries in which they replaced two valves in the last surgery 10 years ago. It’s fixed the problem but of course I began having a lot of other problems which I know are 100% related to live in kidneys…

45:24 – Jason – HSV1/2 Herpes - “As I understand it from watching your YouTube clips detoxifying the body seems he only way to rid the body of this disease but which specific diet and herbs in particular would best but which specific diet and herbs in particular would best with this issue?”…

54:07 – Florence - “I have a query regarding scar tissue and stretch marks. I have them on my hips breast etc. If I started detoxing, could I expect them to get eaten up and if so how long May that take monster years?”

1:09:08 – Salim - “my family and I eat meat, protein, dairy and processed foods I would like to get on that houseboat and turn my life around as well as my family’s. please tell me where to start.”

1:38:33 – Fire Red – “ I have dried tongue and dry throat so bad it’s difficult to breed even. What is possible cause the more importantly what can I do to get my tongue moist and working properly?”

1:41:58 – Rodd - I would like you to know that I was diagnosed with Diabetes approximately 25 years ago. I was at my worst health 7 years ago and due to the worst economic recession at that time for me, I was unable to continue purchasing all of the medication perscribed necessary for me treat several health issues. At that time I was uaware of what a blessing this situation was. This is what forced me to search for other answers. When I started to research on the internet and you tube, I found something that would change my life and allow me to begin to thrive both physically and spiritually. Through many indviduals and especially you I learned to trust myself and that nature was the answer. I immediately stopped taking my medication and became a raw vegan by first starting with a 30 day juice fast. Although this may have been an extreme start to such a change, my health had deteriated to the point of having nothing to lose, I just went for it. Needless to say every ailment I was experiencing improved each day my sugar levels dropped, my Cholesterol, triglycerides, fatigue, aches and pains and many more all gone or in check . I continued this journey for 5 1/2 years until one day I decided to join in with my family for thanksgiving dinner and while I only ate things that would be considered vegatarian this was the begining of my fall from grace. one thing led to another over time until I was eating foods I thought I would never eat again. I am back to very poor health. and was just hospitalized twice within two weeks and in the hospital for a total of 7 days admitted with severe abdominal and back pain and no bowel movement for 6 days prior. I have been diagnosed with Gastroparesis brought on by uncontrolled Diabetes and told there is no cure.

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Thank you on May 12, '17

Hello Our Dear Dr. Morse. At 7:44 you mention a company called HEALTH RESEARCH, who finds books that are out of print and makes copies of them. We can’t find them on the internet. Please tell us their website address. WE APPRECIATE YOU DR. MORSE! We watch your videos EVERYDAY. May the blessings be.

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