Q&A - 413 - COPD/Chronic Asthma, Root Canals, CFS.

May 5, '17
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04:15 – Tracy – I was thinking Dr. Morse could address topic like: The need for special foods and herbs, the need for support, the importance of helping them stay committed to their healing program, The need for positive messages…

38:11 – Barb – I am blessed to have healed what medical doctors labeled COPD/Chronic Asthma that started at age 29.

1:00:48 – Would like to continue with Dr. Morse, but worried about his education and success.

1:16:12 – Marie – I am so amazed at results I am getting and got through the impossible. My Epipen expired in December 2016. I have been connected to epinephrine since I was 5.

01:19:38 – Benny – How do you feel about root canals? Do you have an alternative?

1:23:48 – William – Can you please tell us a great herb book. I see so many poor people that I would love to help…

01:40:45 – Do the herbs come in alcohol? I am super sensitive, even a few drops. I am slowly recovering from CFS. Had it 18 years…

2:00:29 – Zehra – Female, age 44, lost 30 kilos with a regular diet. What do you suggest for Muscle atrophy? Eating attacks for a huge amount which repeats every hour. Although I don’t feel thirsty and I don’t drink water. I go to the toilet.

2:13:10 – William – I believe in the fruit and start my day with it. But at night I get so hungry for something heavy. What is the best way to utilize herbs?

2:24:25 – Veronique – Having an argument with people about I don’t believe in pharmac/med. They keep bringing these examples of people didn’t survive from their diseases using soft medicine…

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