Q&A - 407 - Eye Floaters, Acne, Bowl Issues, Psoriasis.

Feb 28, '17
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00:58 – Ella – “My dad’s passing of stomach cancer earlier this year and my own health problems (nothing too serious! Just a slushy of tiny stones in my gall bladder and a node of blood vessels on my liver)  have sent me on the quest and the coronation of it was discovering Dr. Robert Morse!!! And Art of iridology and weeing in a jar to see how my kidneys are doing haha! I  am on  No. 1 and 3 kidneys formulas and lymphatic No. 1  and GI Broom track atm. All going so well! The pain and swelling in my right big toe went away, burning in my back top part in the evenings – is now gone! Left hip pain is nearly gone. I get some pain popping up here and there – and I just know it is my body working - maybe a little of a healing crisis. I am grateful, I now know your teachings and I inform people around me so if they need help they can reach out and help themselves from suffering.”…

55:34 – Anamul – “Hi Doctor Morse, I hope that you are well. My name is Anamul Islam and I'm from London. I was wondering that the alcohol that is in the above product-is it synthetic or is it actual alcohol?”

01:00:05 – Vickie – “I am a 51 yr. old African American woman with floaters and white hazy rings around my eyes.  Is this due to age, race or something like diet?”

01:07:28 – Kara – Severe Acne – 2 months on fruit and been drinking the Heal All Tea. Lives in colder climate. Plans to become a healer.

01:23:19 – Lynn – One of our boys in his teens has no or very little control of his bowl. He was very difficult to toilet train in both. About 8 and a half he started having this problem.

01:34:30 – Bill – Been taking your supplements for over a year fir psoriasis, 55 watermelons since May 50 lbs of grapes, no meat, no dairy, no coffee, vegetarian… My psoriasis getting worse.

01:40:54 – Andrew – I recently found out that I have severe internal allergies. I am allergic to almost all foods and everything outside and in. I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease and may have diagnosed insipidus.

01:49:13 – Kate – 32 yr old female, antidepressants for 12 years, stopped taking them in 2012 thanks to a naturopath! My formerly flawless skin is acne-ridden and needs makeup.

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