Q& A - 405 - Post Colectomy, Hair Loss, Red Skin Syndrome

Feb 28, '17
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1:12 – Letter sent by Hal A. Skinner to “American Vegetarian” magazine.

6:52 – Kim – I’m looking for some guidance post-colectomy. I suffer with aggressive UC prior to j-pouch surgery in 2012. I think I understand to a large degree WHY I still suffer with several symptoms on top of being extremely underweight. I am completely stuck on exactly how to proceed effectively considering my altered anatomy limits my diet/digestion process.

24:37 – Richard – Can you talk about hair loss and regrowth.

41:47 – Victoria – Have a question if you came across with any patients with Red skin syndrome. Topical steroid withdrawal. My daughter 3 years after stopping using topical steroid creams, still itching and inflamed.

56:58 – Bryan – I had a question about water. A lot of people in the raw community say you don’t need it when raw because the true consciousness and hydration comes within the mono fruits and herbs themselves without water.

1:10:26 – Mza – Mohammad from Kuwait. I’ve been suffering from as local doctors diagnose is fungal acne. I am not sure if this is correct or incorrect. Pictures attached.

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