Q&A - 404 - Swelling and Numbness, Cravings, Uterine Fibroids.

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18:04 – Sam – I don’t understand how things are in the highest level of God Worlds where you say there is no duality and no form; does that mean that one ends up there, they will be all alone?

36:11 & 1:59:57 – Natalia – Hi, My mother 53 is having a problem for 2 years. She gets her face swollen, not extreme but visible, numbness. Sometimes half the face or both sides, around her lips and cheeks…

46:39 – Theresia – Cravings for Wild dried Dulse once starting a packet. Is it salt that I crave or the Dulse?...

51:18- Tristan – What does a healthily lymph-node feel like to the touch? Is it effective to rub castor oil into the skin without a pack and heat pad. Does cayenne pepper form mucus in the body or expectorate mucus from the body. Can you get regenerative detox on a mono-apple diet? What happens if you swallow sinus mucus into the GI tract?

1:04:33 – Ingrid – What are your thoughts on eating according to your blood type? How did this come about it does not make sense to me.

01:05:17 – Jonez – Have you had experience where after someone takes adrenal glandular they get a craving for salt?

1:13:56 - Let me start off by saying thank you so much for the time you put in to these videos and healing in general, your loving energy has really helped me. My journey started about 6 months ago at the age of 21 when I started to become bothered by my acne that was just flaring up for the first time in my life. I thought it was related to my poor digestion and because I had fungal signs I went on a candida diet. I did high protein low carb with digestive enzymes for about 3 months. I had seen 2 naturopaths locally who both endorsed this, and accepted quite a bit of money from me for my troubles. I came across your videos among others and dived right in.

1:25:09 – Loana - I am 27 and i have uterine fibroids ( 1, 2 cm) , PCOS, hirsutism . PCOS i have since i was 17-18( i have regular periods but with dysmenorrhea), i have taken some homeopathic remedy and my body reacted good;ovarian cycsts dissapeared( i have never taken medication or birth control pills). Last year i had a miscarriage ( the pregnancy stop evoluting around 7-8 weeks) , and also they find me fibroids.It was a hard period but i keep my faith high and i always smile. Regarding the PCOS; i have the LH/FSH wrong and the testosterone a little higer. I didn't like the way my doctor has approached my situation ( don't do anything, food can't improve at all; leave those fibroids like they are, try to make a baby, and if they will grow too much we will see..) and then i said stop; this not what i want and what i feel…

1:37:49 – Lily - This is my story when my fiancee came here and visit me in Philippines , we do sex. Last month of august  2016 and he is the one and only man in my life. My problem is last October 25, 2016 ,I was in the hospital to donate blood and it was not my first time to do that on donating blood bcoz I donate blood in red cross, also to my friend's mom for her dialysis. So this last day  october 25 the doctor after the laboratory test of my blood she was talk to me privately and she said that my blood contaminated with a gonorrhea but little percent only. An the doctor ask me some question if I have a boyfriend and I said yes. An she ask me if me and my boyfriend have body contact my answer is yes…

1:43:32 - I'm only 24 and my breasts are semi-big and saggy. I grew up with a S.A.D diet and drank lots of milk before and around the time of puberty and I was developing faster than my friends, including a friend who was two years older than me. I have a strong feeling all that milk did it and I was quite active then. This is one of my main issues I want to get rid of.

1:52:21 – Agea - Hello Dr Morse, is it healthy or not to float hours per week in a float tank with saturated solution of Epsom salt, if not what other salt or salt mix can i use to float in? Are all forms of sulfur really toxic? I must use a salt for buoyancy, because I'm naked in the tank and nothing can touch my body, so I don't get any sensory input. Please share this question if you want.

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Charles on Nov 6, '17

Can I add salt to my vegetables and salads?

Nick on Feb 22, '17

I think that you have to have a balance between detoxification and elimination..In other words ,if you are detoxifying, all kinds of acids are being drawn out of your cells for elimination but if your kidneys are not filtering the way they should because your adrenal glands and or other glands are not working the way they should then that could lead to lots of pain and other symptoms because all the acids are not coming out.The key is to get the glands working so they can filter out the acids.That is done with herbs and raw ripe fruit(you may need a glandular or two for a short time also to get the glands working). Also be very careful about food combining (combinations).

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