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Twinkling Star in Colorado on Nov 25, '16

I am a 60-yr. old woman, wishing you heartfelt greetings and thanks from a fellow journeyer on the stage called life.

In various videos you’ve mentioned using glandular products. (i.e. Adrenal 200 or Adrenal 400) Which company(ies) would you recommend obtaining glandular products from? I’ve used products from Standard Process.

Keep shedding the light of truth re: our bodies (the houses on this planet) and spiritual matters. A few months ago my intuition prompted me to do an Internet search about the lymphatic system. Bingo! Right out of the gate I came across your videos and we immediately grasped on to what you are teaching. My husband and I watch-n-learn from either your site or RawFigs.com on (nearly) a daily basis. We resonate with your comments and appreciate you leading the way and raising the bar concerning health and spirituality.

We had already been detoxing re: the body, religion, government, education, the medical system, etc. but your intentional or off-the cuff comments keep confirming the changes and paradigm shifts we’ve made on this journey. It seems lonely at times a we live counter-culturally but your media info renews our hope and focus on the journey for the bigger cause.

The best to you from two former Hoosiers who are on the same team, now residing in Colorado. Do you ever get out to the Rocky Mtn. high state? We’d love to connect face-to-face.

C & M

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