Q&A -383 - Stuttering, Stretch Marks, Excessive Sweating, Acne

Nov 15, '16
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0:58 – Camille – “So since my childhood (I would say about 7-8 years old) I have a pathology which is deeply constraining, deeply insupportable, deeply sorrowful and so on. Adjectives abound to describe this burden. That pathology is stuttering, or stammering but it seems the word stuttering is the most used word. Actually this disorder makes me shy whereas in truth I'm not necessarily a shy person, this disorder makes me lose any self-confidence as well... It's the domino effect : Stuttering triggers lack of self-confidence, shyness, timidity, social reserve, and so on... An Important note is that my cousin also stutters. So genetics is certainely involved in my opinion... (But it's not a fatality as we know)”…

18:10 – Melanie – “Can a raw food diet help eliminate stretch marks?”

21:19 – Bessie – “Need to know what help is available for korsarkoff syndrome...my friend has been off alcohol for nine years with continued symptoms of seizures. He is 58 yrs. old..please contact me as well as asking Dr. Morse to address it on u tube. Thank you!”

27:54 – Talia – “Hi Dr Morse, so greatful for your help! I have excessive sweating, I might have an abnormal sympathetic response? I sweat if I am excited, laughing, nervous. Perhaps the excessive work of my adrenals has stolen my progesterone reservoir causing my irregular menstruation of 40+ days. I also have PCOS symptoms, menstrual pain and hairiness. I am vegan, eat a lot of beans, starch and grains maybe acidifying my body? I have little to no thirst, don't exercise & am of healthy weight.”

37:03 – Doug – “I had 2 quick Qs regarding herbal formulas. Are the new glycerin tinctures better than the alcohol ones? I don't mind the alcohol taste and want to take the most effective. In an old video you mentioned alcohol absorbs herbs better than glycerin I also take adrenal, parasite m, thyroid, endocrine and pituary formulas long term. Shall I switch between capsules and liquid or are capsules more powerful? Lastly, is lymph node 1 glycerin better than lymph node 2 alcohol?”

46:09 – Roselia – “1. How do I transition myself into a raw vegan diet? What is the best way to eliminate all the waste I have in my body? How do I detox? 2. What do your daily meals consist of?”

53:40 – JJ – “I like many others have been dealing with side effects from an acne medication called Accutane. I was prescribed it as a 17 year old to cure mild acne and I naively took it. 6 years later and some of the many side effects I'm suffering with include brain fog, fatigue, lobido issues, vision issues, constipation and allergies (food & environmental). Alot of others accutane users are dealing with the same side effects. I'm wondering if you could give us any specific advice on how to really conquer this drug?”

1:04:28 – “I had pancreatic cancer and had a whippll done. Now I have cancer on my liver. I started on fruits, melons, and berries. My question is do I get it removed or stay on detox. How can you help me?”

1:18:10 – Pavel – “Hey Doc! I want to thank you for being the amazing person you are. Ive listened to soo many of your videos. All the information you have shared has resonated with me so deep like native american music. Im finally recovering after 8 months of constipation and beraly being able to breathe and having all the doctors tell me that its all in my head. Im on a all fruit diet and some of ur herbs. After three days of being on fruit. I can breathe! I have a long way to go but im not even worried anymore.”

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