Q&A - 382 - High Levels of Copper, ALS, Kidneys/Adrenals

Nov 15, '16
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08:11 – Jalina - I have very high levels of copper floating in my body and am wondering what you would suggest to help move this out. I think through some of the detox protocols I have tried in the past (fruit wasn't a part of this) I may have made things worse and this has affected my gut health. I get a lot of belching and gas and am probably not absorbing my nutrients judging by the stripes on my nails. I have a feeling my kidneys haven't been filtering as Ihave sensitive adrenals. I have developed histamine issues and food intolerances. My sleep is also affected. I am now on a high fruit protocol including melons and berries. I am also taking GI broom

27:42 – Jane - Dr Morse, I thank God everyday that I found you. I watch your YouTube videos. I feel hope now. I was diagnosed with ALS in September 2013. Two weeks ago I started a raw diet. I joined your herbal club and i want to know what to buy and how much of it do I need. Do I juice fruits only or do I eat fruits and juice. I live in Ireland and have four young daughters. I will follow your instructions completely and would be so thankful for any information to get me on the road to health.

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