Q&A - 381- Body Oder, Migraines, Deviated Septum, Balding.

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01:56 – Article – Italy threatens jail time for parents raising vegan children; but toxic vaccines and cancer-causing junk food are still legal.

07:25 - "If you can't help someone please admit that". Dr Morse take your own advice. My dear friend who you told would be totally cured from metastatic breast to bone to liver cancer in 3 to 6 months followed your advice to the letter, eating only grapes, melons, lemons and drinking herbs from your store for 8 months. She believed in you and your staff, she banked everything on you. You advised her via Skype and phone calls across the country, you never even met her. She died a month ago. She told me you told her just 3 weeks before she passed that the doctors in the ER were wrong. You were wrong. Perhaps there was little any doctor could do, we'll never know. Giving false hope to a patient in that state is unethical.

32:01 – Leland - I recently completed a 24 day water only fast. My body order seemed to get better, but once I started eating again, it came back with a vengeance. I'm now doing the master fast and the kidneys aren't filtering like they should yet. I'm also on 9 of your tinctures and my body odor is to the point where after I shower and have scrubbed under my arms that it's still there no matter how much soap is used. I'm guessing it's lymphatic waste trying to leave the body and it can't? Thoughts?

36:54 – Karlie - My question is, after all these years that you have put in a ton of time and effort to help people heal themselves and being around a lot of conditions, in your opinion what is the toughest condition to heal? would you consider type 1 diabetes to be one of them? Im on the diet and im really enjoying all these fruits, but will I ever get to a point where I can eat a lets say bite of cake without injecting synthetic insulin? I'm staying hopeful and will keep going.

49:27 – Goran - These are my symptoms for 6 years already. Heavy Maigraines, Eye Floaters/Heavy Photosensitivity & Irritability in my sight, Dandruff  Dry Skin, Tons of Food Alergies, Extreme mood changes Happy / Depressed Food / beverage intake direct dependent, Cold chills / Warmth in chest No Pain, Anxiety Food connected, Ive never had any pain from gallbladder unless maigraines after intake of certain food/drinks

01:09:11 – Krysta - Can you please talk about deviated septums. Is this from parathyroid weakness? I have this and feel like I cannot breathe out of my left nostril. Makes me sleep with my mouth open or else I feel like I am suffocating. What do you suggest? I do not want to get surgery.

01:15:14 – Cassie – I would like to ask Dr. Morse about going bald and growing hair on my face hirsutism. My recent 24 urine test has elevated 5a-reductase. This is on 3 yrs of test, maybe more. I also have low DHEA, testosterone, androsterone and etiocholoanolone.

01:21:10 – James - I have watched most of your videos but i can't find one on high red blood cell count. do u have one on there? if not could u please do a video on this issue.

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Nick on Dec 21, '16

The main problem with people who knock Dr. Morse’s protocol is they expect to get well in a few days to a few weeks..It took people who are degenerating usually decades and generations to get that way and even if it takes 3 to 5 years to get totally well, it is worth it.Most people that fail if they follow Dr. Morse’s protocol is because the medical profession destroyed the person’s bodies beyond repair with chemo(and or other drugs),radiation and or the removal of glands and or organs.The others that fail really did not follow the protocol because they would still eat acid residue foods ,consume drugs,drink alcohol and or smoke.Also some people give up and just quit.How long it takes to get well depends on that particular person.

Bessie Smith on Oct 14, '16

Thank you for re-iterating the fact that the best is yet to come after death and not to be afraid.

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