Q&A - 380 - Scoliosis, Psoriasis, Ear candling, High Blood Pressure

Oct 11, '16
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03:36 – Anita – Reversed MS thanks to your YouTube channel.

09:05 – Lynnette - I am a 24 year old female , 5’2 in height and I have mild scoliosis. My question is how do I straighten out my spine? Which glandular do I need to take and how often and what dose? I also have fibromyalgia and depression with symptoms of insomnia and fatigue, brain fog, overall body pain and weakness. Also I know you have done videos talking about taking a glandular for increasing your height, is this possible at my age and could you tell me how I can do this?

30:38 – Brian – I stumbled across your YouTube channel and was hoping you might have some advice for a recent Psoriasis sufferer.

52:38 – Paul - Hi Doc! Absolutely love your passion, its so captivating! I plan on doing a marathon after I detox and rebuild my body. I am tempted to do one before and if I do what would be the best fruits to eat before and after? Any supplementing like kelp or your superfood blend?

01:02:00 – My ear candling testimonial – This is 1 ear! I used 2 candles on the same ear.

01:07:01 – Luis – I quit all drug medicines 2 years ago. I did 10 day water fasting. I’m still have uncontrolled high blood pressure. I had 2 heart attacks. They gift me with 2 stents. Can I have those removed?

1:13:01 – Michelle - I have a good friend who experienced pre eclampsia during her first pregnancy, we are talking about healing and raw foods now, and she is seeking out how to fix the problem before her second pregnancy. I've looked for other videos, but can't seem to find one specifically about this. Love and light, thank you for always sharing the truth!! 

01:17:48 – Jack - Hi Dr Morse my name is Jack. I've been dealing with brain fog, fatigue, sinus inflammation, eye floaters, tinnitus, dry eyes apon awakening and different allergies like dust mites and food sensitivities.Now I don't drink alcohol anymore but after a night of heavy drinking I woke up with all my symptoms gone. Felt perfect. This feeling lasted for a few hours then my symptoms came back even worse. Do you have any idea why that happened? And how I can fix myself?

01:25:56 – Jeremy - Hey there Dr Morse, My Names Jeremy i am emailing from New Zealand. Want to say thanks for all your videos they are extremely beneficial for me i am learning ALOT many thanks and you keep on Trucking! I have a question would you think its possible for someone who has been born with no uterus or womb to regenerate one?

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