Q&A - 378 - Spiritual Talk, Radiation, Allergic Reaction, Tumor

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Spiritual Talk

18:15 – Sandra – Case Review – Client has questions on what to take or not to take to support her system during radiation.

31:57 – Marlene – Writing about daughter, Genevieve. Allergic reaction to pet hair and dust. Respiratory reaction where her asthma kicked up.

50:53 – Bradley - I have a tumor in my pelvic / hip area(obturator foramen). 7 cm x 6 cm in size, when I was not eating completely healthy and went to get a MRI due to extreme pain in my leg and glute, I did a 42 day water fast (no herbs just water), my tongue  turned pink on the sides and on the tip but I had to stop at day 42 before the fast was complete,  as a blood test showed me with below normal (Flagged Abnormality) electrolytes and I caught a virus from my mom that was not going away.  I know I still have the tumor because if I take a few weeks to eat not so healthy I feel it as it gets larger and pushes on my Femoral vein and Femoral Nerve. (when I fruit or water fast the pain completely goes away).  I just set up to have another MRI in December and want the tumor to be gone by then.  I will hit it hard the next 5 months with your herbs, and raw fruit diet, I'm a level 2, and a herbalist so I think I can handle this fine but will listen to any advice you have.  My question is about my blood tests, on day 35 of my water fast my Creatinine was at 2.06 (high for me, I'm usually at 1.0 and  BUN at 32 (lab says 8 -25 mg/dl normal), After I stopped my water fast and ate fruit for 4 days my Creatinine was at 1.19 (still high - I know you want them at .3 to .6) and BUN was 22.
Do you know why my BUN and Creatinine levels were so high on a water fast. I'm just curious, what's up with my kidneys.  One more thing I wasn't filtering much lymph on the water fast, but now I'm dry fasting 1 or 2 days a week and getting a lot of sediment out.

58:51 – Susan - It's Susan (Steve's sister). Quick question for you. How do you know when the herbs or glandular a have completed their task? For instance, I have a few spider veins and some ridged nails. I've been taking parathyroid glandulars (one bottle.) I haven't seen any changes in my veins or nails, so does this mean I need more?  Will one see a physical change so that we know that herb is done and we don't need it anymore?

1:02:43 – Deloris – I have a bowel problem and lymph problem please help.

1:07:45 – Tom – I’m bald, developed dermatitis on my scalp, scabs. I’ve been a low-fat vegan for 9 years, 4.5 years totally raw high fruit, 4.5 years with some cooked foods at night…

1:14:05 – Carl – I just installed a whole house water filtration system. Do you have advice on which salt softeners are the best to use and where to buy from?

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david holten on Sep 19, '16

Dear Dr Morse
I was in stage 5 kidney failure with a creatin of 5.0 on june 21 I started a raw diet of fruit and veggies then I got on your deep cleaning kit number one I very giften healer who is cetified in your detox program found me reverend debra sapprho who has coached me and giving me the push and knowledge to heal and get off dialysis now 3 months later my creatin is down to 3.2 which puts me out of end stage kidney failure id like to thank u very much for your knowledge and inspirations and gods gift of herbs I’m a true living example of your healing’ I’m soon to be off dialysis as my creating drops and I stay healthy with your herbs heal all tea and mindset of loving gratitude which I maintain daily I got my life back now and planning on getting cerified in your detox program so I can continue to pay it forward and help people heal with your knowledge and program of getting the acid out of our bodies and living life with gods love and healing thank u for touching my life and giving me the gifts u hold so I can have a new life and continue your work as a living testimony of your love and work sincerely David Holten From Mendocino coast California

deesse clerge on Sep 12, '16

Hi Dr Morse thanks for the fantastic videos.i had sacoidoses in 2002 and pneumonia in 2013.was in medicaly coma for 12 days at the hospital it was very bad thank god i pulled it of after months of therapys i was able to learn to walk again and use my hands I’m stii not 100/% like before still draging the feet to walk 73 in december the body is pain all over I realy would like some advise from you many thanks….Dee!

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