Q&A - 374- Client Condition, Liver/Kidney, Sodium Bicarbonate, Conquering Fear

Aug 10, '163 comments
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05:17 – Shawn – I would like to share the condition of a client we are currently working with. She is a 76 yr old woman that has been bed ridden for 8 years. She is in a extremely toxic state and was in and out of the hospital at least once a month. She was having bowel movements once a month and her bowels had to be evacuated each month. She has paralysis in both legs and her right hand…

17:50 – Codi – I am pretty sure I have a sluggish liver. I used to drink a lot and I am a 5ft 3-inch female. I checked my urine and it was clear after waking up so I too need to fix the kidneys. Is there one that is more important to start with over the other or should I dive right into cleaning both?...

51:57 – Trevor - Hello Doc! Thanks for the time. In some of your protocols you recommend adding a pinch of sodium bicarbonate to the herbs to help alkalize the body. Would this not be counter productive to the pancreas and its ability to produce its own sodium bicarb? Sort of like when using steroids and the adrenals stop producing their own

58:00 – Rose – I finally had the guts to take my long awaited iridology live exam yesterday and I’m certified!

1:02:00 – Resident of Consciousness/Disciple of Awaking – Can you enlighten us on how to conquer fear? Can you please touch on crohns and inflammatory bowel disease? Also now seeing Hilde and her progress, how do you feel about dry fasting?

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Dan Bauman on Feb 18, '17

Dr. Morse like to hear your thoughts on Bio-Resonance Frequency therapy. (Mora) This treatment has helped my body overcome food intolerances, I take alcohol based frequency tintures to push my into a correct bio state. Any thoughts? I believe eating plant based is the correct frequency for all.

codi on Oct 9, '16

hi Dr morse, I ordered your heal all tea, the fab 4, GI broom, and a parasite cleanse, parasite M I believe. Anyway, I hope I ordered the right stuff. I also ordered a Paul twitchell book so I am excited to learn about that. I am hoping to take your level 1 soon and then level 2. I hope you get your online classes up and running soon. Much love,

Sarah Panyard on Aug 18, '16

Dr Morse,

You have the humor we all need in this society.
I am finding help with Ronit Gesundheirt Of Community Acupuncture of Marin.
She has me on five Tonics.
I was exposed to high doses of Petroloum Toxic Poisoning as a flight attendant if 36yrs,
Airlines know this leak in air-blead valve is going on.
.Go to Aerotoxic.org check it out.
Thousands crewmembers have died.
We airline folks need help. Long story…

Anyway I am on five tonics and I am a bit concerned even after steaming off alcohol that it could disturb my 14yrs of no Alcohol intake.
Please help me understand that the alcohol will not effect my alcohol free life of 14yrs.
So excited about your Health Club.
I am also very grateful today for Ronit"s help.
I am looking to remove the meats in my diet.
The Student is ready. Stanford Univ. UCSF could not help or even give me Diagnosis.
I had to sign a contract after UA gave me a settlement of 30,000 to retire. My daughter was also exposed as a new flightattendant after 1.5yrs after trip to China while working.
She also received a settlement. They know we are being poisoned. Like second had smoke only hits certain people.
Would love to here your take on my exposure and the Alcohol contents so I can get away from my exposure tremors, vertigo, and nervous system damage.
Ronit believes she can get me total clean with your products and her work.
I am again very hopeful.

Sarah Panyard
Stay Blessed,

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