Q&A - 372 - PH Levels, Eye Health, ADD, Depression, Diabetes

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08:27 – Falecia – Recently I purchased some urine ph strips and use them several times per day. I’m noticing that I stay between 8-9 (kinda hard to tell which one precisely). I’m thinking 9 is too high but I know you say we have to keep it high to fight off diseases and such but I want to know how to gauge it a little more closely.

37:18 – G - I began my detox journey 3 years ago I removed all processed foods, meat, diary and began eating lots of fruit, green juices and vegan food. I made great progress although no my wife and I were trying for a baby and I have been told I have low sperm due to varicocele and that we will never get pregnant naturally. we have both started fruit on detox and 14 week protocol - is there anything else I can do?

44:23 – Paul - I have a question about eye health - Can you improve eye sight? I can see great close up (short sited) but when driving I prefer to wear glasses as I can read road sign directions a lot sooner and looking at things from a distance is just not clear at all, I'd love to correct this and not wear glasses.

51:43 – My eyes indicate that I’m highly toxic. How does this affect my vibration? Does ascension require clean eyes? Also, are you planning to ascend during this life cycle?

55:03 – Bryan – I found a hardened lymph on the back of my head, right side. Dry scaly flakes on my head since I can remember (always dealt with it), always have had sinus issues. Been on a raw diet mostly fruit for about 2 months now and am on your Heal All Tea. Any other recommendations?

59:19 – Kevin – I would like to know if you have testimony about hair regrowth of young male baldness pattern.

1:02:38 Gina - My body is in a such big imbalance and needs specific herbs protocol and diet in order to rejuvenate. Long story short. I was taking some antibiotics last year and in december I've took the strongest one, Clindamycin that ruined my gut flora and poisoned me with sulfur, although I had orange near the pupil before that, I developed candida overgrowth and bacteria imbalances. I can feel in my tummy that everything is messed up and I really need a detox. What I've done? I've switched from a plant based diet with starches, cooked foods and lost of porridge, fruits and veggies to a paleo diet in order to heal my intestines and stop the overgrowth of candida.

1:31:40 – Carlos - I suffer from ADD, depression, sudden drops in blood sugar when hungry, degeneration of the upper and middle spine, swelling of feet when I eat, baldness, grey hair, and vision problems. I feel I must deal with these issues now as I'm almost 33 yrs old, specially the ADD which has caused many interpersonal issues and extreme loneliness. My job, lifeguard in Disney World, requires me to be extremely focused at all times, how can I detox without being in lala land while working?

1:41:58 – Chris – I have had diabetes for 18 years. Oral medication kept my blood sugars under control for the first three years or so. The last 15 years I have been taking insulin. The last test I had to measure how much insulin my body was making showed that it was making a trivial amount (my doctor’s words, I never did get a more concrete answer), but that was several years ago.

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Nick on Aug 15, '16

It really is sickening and infuriating what these typical medical quacks get away with by harming and killing people and getting wealthy off of it.

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