Q&A - 369 - Fordyce Spots, Ketones, Lung Cancer, Kidney Failure

Aug 10, '161 comment
8:50 – I have something called Fordyce spots on my penis. It is described as an overactive sebaceous glands or misplaced sebaceous gland. Dermatologist won’t treat them and tell you its just normal everyone has them.

23:04 – Miguel – I was reading some articles where there is a lot of discussion about ketones being the fuel for the brain. They talk about coconut oil being good for the brain because of this. Now, it appears that the liver has to process this fast to produce the ketones which go to the brain.

28:20 – Lee - Hello, i am from France, i'm almost 21 years old. I am very muscular , not gat at all, i just have a little fat on my belly and my tighs are touching, it's nothing, and i eat really well, a lot of fruits , and vegetables,on the week end , and i always do a lot of sport for fun. But i can't loose the fat that is on my belly and my adductors. What should i do?

30:29 – Noel - I live in New Zealand. I was diagnosed with terminal Stage IV lung cancer. Oncologist gave me 3-6 months.  gave me 10 ses radiation palliative no chemo. tumor on the left lung bigger than a golf ball it spread to one rib on the right-hand side. I get IV Vit C highest level  70gm. Plus apricot kernels.Cancer now spread to right lung too and another one on the rib. Changed to ESSIAC treatment. Please, can you help me I am desperate.

41:14 – Giedrius - re we going to have Level II Detox or Iridology class this year? Have few vacation days left for this year and would love to come back to Florida to see/spend time with you in the classroom

45:45 – Jo - I found out I was in 3rd stage kidney failure last August in a routine blood test.  Went to Nephrologist who did blood tests, sonograms. Everything fine. By January, stage 4 and he wants me to wait until August to see where it is. I have a new internist who is fixing my hypothyroidism and asthma. He thinks I should get another opinion. Then I found you and I've been on a 100% fruit fast for 5 days. Internist says it won't hurt me. It has helped arthritis pain and energy. What do I do now?

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Nick on Aug 11, '16

KISS:Keep It Simple Silly(or Stupid for those willfully ignorant pharmaceutical drug pushers). I like the way Dr. Morse explains things so everyone understands the real truth about health and healing.

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