Q&A - 368 - High Potassium/Herbs, Thymus Gland/Lymphatic System, Excess Estrogen

Aug 10, '16
01:15 - Pam - You may like to take herbs as a way to treat your ailments. However, there are a few herbs that you shouldn’t take when you have high potassium levels. Alfalfa, nettle, and dandelion can increase your potassium levels and should be avoided. Perhaps there should be a warning on your capsules?

05:10 – Marian - For 3 years now I have had big, ugly red veins developing on the whites of my eyes and I don't know how to get rid of them. They are smaller in the mornings but as I go about my day they get much larger and redder. People always ask me if I am high or tired (neither). I am only 22 and my eyes have always been my best feature, but lately, they have been bringing down my confidence. After seeing multiple eye doctors, they said nothing can be done. Can you help me smile again?

09:31 – Gwendolyn – What is the role of the thymus gland as regards the lymphatic system and all that acidosis?

14:20 – Pearl – I’ve been dealing with retinitis pigmentosa for years. Dr. say its incurable, but can be halted from developing total blindness.

23:10 – Dee - What about moving excess estrogen stores out of women's tissues (hips, thighs, buttocks, waist)? Is it just moving lymph out and balancing the endocrine system? Would taking the Female Formula assist this more, or the Lower Circulation formula?

29:39 – Attié – What about nuts? Aren’t they bad protein?

34:28 – Perth - My name is Neha and I am 31 years old. Last year 2015, I was diagnosed with Hashimato disease with very bad lab result. My TSH was 189 and my thyroid was hardly making any hormones. Doctor was very surprised with my result. He prescribed me Thyroxine without looking any root cause for it. My condition was very bad so I took thyroxine hardly for two and a half months. But I decided not to take medicine any more and started cleaning my body with raw food and veggies with some Ayurvedic herbs.  After 3 months, my thyroid suddenly starts working without any prescription medicine and my antibodies drastically dropped. My specialist said that it is a mystery. However, this time my thyroid stimulated more and making higher amount of TSH. Now, I have Graves’ disease. I am taking some homoeopathic medicine since December but my numbers are not improving. I normally get tired very easily and have puffiness around my eyes. I am getting my periods regularly but it always fluctuates. My TSH is .01.

45:49 – Vaidas – In your book, the Detox Miracle
Sourcebook, you put plums under acid forming foods, can you elaborate more on plums please?

47:09 – Farnaz - I am female and 30 years old. rawvegan for almost 5 years. Problem: since 5 months i cannot digest anything raw, i have sticky stool and diarrhea. cooked food digest better but not good enough. 5 years eating sam, fruist all day and salads at night!what is the problem now? i took GIbroom, lymph and female capsule. And i also had a lot of colon cleanses. I don’t feel my best with the cooked foods and since i eat them i have painful period. i want to eat raw but i cant. what is the problem?

52:51 – Manuela - I have found out I have Grave disease 5 weeks ago. I am now following a raw food diet, fruits all day and vegetables in the evening. I also take God’s herbs. I follow your protocol with Rossane Calabrese.  I have been having sleeping problems and severe vertigo for the last 2 and a half years. But I only been diagnosed with Grave disease 5 weeks ago. Please help.  I do feel amazing now that I started your protocol.

56:12 – Brooke - I just found out I have allergies, asthma, and nose polyps and went vegan a month ago. I'm wondering what I'm eating like grains or something that is making it worse. I went to the doctor and he gave me prednisone montelukast inhailer and all this medicine and I'm wondering if I even need to take any of those. Also if I am eating wrong things how do I detox my lymphatic system?

59:54 – Paul - Dr Morse,you are a star! I love your videos! I have question about recommended daily intake on vitamins and minerals. For example it is recommended that we have an intake of 1000mg of calcium daily,15mg of Iron daily etc etc. Is this right? Where do they get these numbers from? Are they basing this need on the average "healthy" person who is probably not absorbing or utilising nutrients efficiently? I'd approximately have to eat at least 15 large oranges a day to get 1000mg of calcium from them.

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