Q&A - 367 - Depression Meds, Body Fat, Tomatoes, Lyme Disease, Cold/Flu

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3:31 – Douglas – My daughter is taking Lexapro 10mg for depression. What can we use to detox her and get her off of this? Can she still take while detoxing? I heard it can be dangerous to stop these SSRIs cold turkey.

6:59 – John – Can you please shed some light on body fat? I’m healthy person, I don’t get sick, I have a high fitness level, but I have body fat.

14:08 – Jackie – Dr. Morse doesn’t recommend cooked tomatoes. Why? Is it OK to eat sun dried tomatoes, olives and Pesto (basil and Olive Oil) on salads? Is it OK to do a fast for 1-2 days while taking the herbal tinctures? What do you think of large doses of Vitamin C.

25:52 – Barbara – I have Lyme Disease and I need serious help to get my life and health back. Can you please guide me on what to do?

42:47 – Rebecca - What in your opinion is the toughest condition to reverse? Would you say type 1 diabetes is one of them? I'm on your protocol with the condition and it's going well. I have a lot of your herbs but it's tough sometime with the blood glucose. Will start the Brain and nerve ll soon. I’ve had it since age 10 and I just recently turned 23 I really hope it won't take years to reverse. Any advice?

58:33 – Tristan - I am 14 years old so excuse my formality. The reason I am contacting you is because I have minor Pectus Excavatum my case is less than 1 inch deep and I would like to know if you know anyways to treat it without surgery. Thank You!

1:04:21 – Cherise - In your pregnancy videos, you spoke highly of a fruit diet. Freelee and others do as well though many eat lots of greens.. Would there be any possibility that I could eat very minimal of greens? I mostly like fruit only and hate my salads in the evenings, even if I am using avocado, cashew dressing, etc. I much prefer fruit. How much greens do pregnant moms need, if any as well as anyone? Could I just use minimal greens in smoothies?

1:12:46 – Vaidas – Wanted to ask you if flu or colds are contagious?

1:17:47 – Toni - My so is 18 and very active in sports. He has worse kidney pain since he started taking the kidney tonics and pills. He does drink enough water, about 10-12 cups a day. He does sweat a lot through his sports. I don't know what to do. He also does have acne just recently started. Could he be allergic? Please help advise me as his pap had kidney cancer My son also has a right partial branch bundle blockage in his heart. Dr.s say only to keep an eye on it. He is tired all the time.

1:24:48 – Vanessa - have an enlarged aorta and mitral valve prolapse. I am on Atenolol 25mg once daily as a preventative for further damage, I have been taking this for 14 years. I often feel tired because of this medication, I have eye floaters, anxiety and sometimes feel as if most of my blood is on my calf area. I am 5'7,130 pounds and 27 yrs old. I do not know what to do to feel better. I would love to know what you think about all this.

1:32:02 – Vanessa – Can you recommend a juicer make model that does the trick but does not cost the earth. I am taking apricot kernels, turmeric, cinnamon, lemon juice, black pepper and apple cider vinegar at present. Should I continue with these alongside the detox herbs and tinctures?

1:41:16 – A’oi – What are your thoughts on dis-ease and soul evolution? What is it meant to teach us (and members of our soul group)?

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Joyce Bartlett on Jul 31, '16

I love you Dr. Morse. What a brilliant, giving but humble man you are. May God pour out blessings on you. — I had a chronic sinus infection for 5 long miserable years. No matter what I tried, it wouldn’t go away. It started when a wart came up on my nose. I froze off the wart and thought no more about it, but a couple of weeks later I began to notice that my breathing was a little impaired. Then the mucus started. It ran down the back of my throat constantly. It got into my eustachian tubes, and my ears would get a “ticking” sound. At night it would drain out of the tubes, and I was spitting up mucus half the night and most of the day. I prayed and prayed and kept looking for a cure. Then I found you on Youtube. What a revelation!!! - You educated me. It all makes sense now.-So, I went on a diet of ONLY lemon juice (with a little water and maple syrup), and grapes (as black as I can find them). I did this for 3 days, then on the 4th day I woke up sick as a dog. I had a temperature of 104, my throat was raw and sore, my head would hurt on one side and then on the other and I had to drag myself in to work. (I’m a 68 year old female). Little did I know that was my “healing crisis”, because the next day mucus started coming out from everywhere. I was blowing my nose and at one point the mucus started coming out like a rope. I was literally pulling a rope of dried up mucus out that must have been a foot long. Then, that night at 3:00 am I woke up and for the first time in 5 years I took a deep breath that flooded through my sinuses and into my lungs. God it felt wonderful. I’m still detoxing and spitting up a little mucus and blowing my nose a lot, but it’s only been 10 days. I’m also still on ONLY fruits, with a little leafy green salad with lemon juice dressing now and then. You are my hero Dr. Morse. If I can ever do anything to help you, I will. I can’t wait to get a lot of money so I can donate a bunch to your cause. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Magdalena on Jul 25, '16

Sharon, I pray that Dr. Morse and the rest of the team will come up with a healing plan for you. I can’t even imagine the suffering that you must be going through. I pray that our creator wii hear our prayers for you and heal you.
Be blessed,


Sharon on Jul 11, '16

Where have you been all my life? I am very intrigued by your videos, I can’t emphasize enough that what you are doing is absolutely amazing!
I suffer with severe excruciating debilitating neurological deficits. Barely can walk w/out cane. I have been thru the gammit with Conventional physicians! I have No diagnosis or any answers except abnormal mri’s, of which on (3) occurrences I have had lesions 1st was T2-T10, 2nd C3-4, and recently last month June of both those areas again and in my brain. The mri also revealed sinus disease. The treatment recommended was Rituxan which is a chemotherapy drug which is an immune suppression drug. I refused to take that crap. I asked the Neurologist if I had cancer, she said, “Well, No you have had every test to man.” I asked her again, “What do I have?” She said, “Well, we may never know what kind of Demyelinating disease you have, not until your Dead and they perform an Autopsy!” Unbelievable!!! My dilemma is I also have been diagnosed by a NeuroSurgeon, (only because he went thru it with his wife) Lyme Neuroborreliosis, Bartonella, Ehrlichia and probably more tickborne coinfections. He referred me to a LLMD, Test were not conclusive, however, several bands indicates that recent infection, LLMD concurs coinfections, etc. Three years ago, 5/21/13, I did discover a tick.. still attached to behind my knee, obscure angle, so I took a picture with my phone. While removing it it broke off leaving the head still in me. I contacted my pcp at that time, No need to dig it will fall out on its own. 2 weeks later, fever and neurological deficits began. By July 26, the 1st appointment ever with a Neurologist, could barely stand, balance, gait, or walk. GI issues began, bladder, bowel, my hearing, muscle and joint pain, extreme fatigue, and had suffered flu like symptoms for 6 weeks at this point ( in july) Sent me for tests, mri, results 1st lesion, admitted me hospital 3 weeks, IV Solumedrol, allergic to had to have benedryl simultaneously, plasmapheresis, immune suppression and array of big pharma, morphine, Fentanyl patch and narcotics, muscle relaxers, lyrica. Get this, the spinal tap came back negative for MS, LUPUS, Sarcoid, NMO and Lyme, but they were still treating me as though for NMO Neuromyelitis Optica! I am still traumatized by this nonsense, they told me I would go blind, never walk again and it’s fatal…get your life affairs in order. So they gave me a death sentence.
I live in Connecticut, as this is the state Lyme was named after. One would think our medical community would be top of the line comes to Lyme disease, No sir, they are arrogant, ignorant, pompous, inconsiderate, and refuse that it exists. Everytime I try to take oral antibiotics, I get nauseous and vomit. My gut issues are severe, I have been adhearing to a special diet, (once in great while, I cheat…dark chocolate & licorice )but No gluten, esp. wheat, No dairy, no sugar, no processed chemical foods. I’m still not any better, if anything, since the onset of this, I can walk but w/cane, I feel I am worse neurologically, the excruciating pain, feels as if I have been “electrocuted” the hypersensitivity constant non stop excruciating pain head to toe 24/7, and other debilitating conditions all this time. I’m sick n tired of being sick n tired! I have lost all respect for conventional wisdom! Today, I watched your videos all day, that’s 12 hours worth. I made a bowl of fruit for dinner, melon, strawberries, grapes, blueberries and raspberries. I am hoping that perhaps you could figure out how to make me feel better. I realize that I have some work ahead of me. I have already lost 32 lbs. since this nonsense before the special diet. I wish I knew about the protein meats, Honestly, I won’t miss them. I have been substituting pastas with gluten free pasta, something tells me this might be a no no huh? The only pharma’s I am on is Fentanyl patch, (very responsible for fear of addiction) Valacyclovir, Bicillin Abx & B12 injections. Supplements, Vit D,C,B12 SL, fish oil, coconut oil, turmeric, and recently began, hylauronic acid, CoQ10, Propolis, and the Cowden Herbal Protocol for the lyme. I would love your opinion on all this and welcome any recommendations. I would really like to send you pics of my eyes and hear your feedback, I would be forever grateful! Please keep being you! ? Thank you for your consideration! God Bless you!
Much appreciated, sending ?

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