Q&A - 366 - Aortic Root Aneurysm, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Delayed Speech

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10:30 – Sam – I was wondering if anything could be done to reverse an aortic root aneurysm?

17:58 – Brandon - 'm someone that's had the misfortune of meeting a lot of uncaring people in my life... and so I find it hard to want to help or even talk with people. You make me want to open up more.Anyway!  since a young a age I've had bad breath, white tongue, poor skin and in the last few years I'm experiencing constant dizziness and an inability to think clearly. I'm in the UK and FRESH fruit as well as cash is a problem for me. Could you please send advice my way?

33:49 – Unknown – A family friend has a daughter who has been in a wheelchair since she was old enough to walk. She is now 25 years old and still in the chair. She has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)…

49:49 – Elle – Copper IUD.

51:34 – Josh - I tore the labrum in my hip and had surgery (hip arthroscopy) about a month ago. I would like to detox via water fasting, juice fasting, and possibly a fruit and herb diet. My question is; should I wait until I completely recover from surgery (3 to 6 months) before detoxing or can I start now? What will speed up the healing process?

53:35 – Sam - I am 38 years old and not sure if I have diabetes type 1, 2 or 1.5. I do not currently take any medication and want to heal my diabetes naturally. I understand I need to become a member to download the pdfs but I was hoping you could advise me which of them would be most suitable. I'd like more information on the diet i.e. fruit & veg, low protein, low fat and no starch.

58:31 – Josh - In some of your recent videos you talk about how the body is not designed to consume vegetables. What is your opinion on juicing vegetables to get the vitamins and minerals they have to offer? Is it just as bad as eating them or better? Or are fruits better altogether?

1:00:42 – Diana - My question is when one person gets the measles, mumps, chicken pox etc. how is it that others around them also get the effects as well. I do not know how to explain this when asked this question.

1:10:00 – Mike - I have had broken capillaries/ blood vessels on my nose for a long time, they look like small blood stains, and I was wondering if you could tell me what I can do to heal them, I just became a member and I recently purchased liver/ gallbladder, blood tonic, lymph, skin and kidney tonic. I am a 41 year old male, I eat mainly fruits, berries and melons and greens, 100 percent raw diet
1:22:48 – Lesley – When there is no bump of any physical cause, what can cause nose bleeds?

1:27:17 – Dan - I just finished my first 80 hour dry fast and broke it with a lovely mixture of watermelon juice and lemon. About 30 minutes later, I went to the bathroom and passed what looked like 8 inches of mucoid plaque.. I’m really not sure if that’s what it is or the remains of my last meal 4 days ago but all I know is that it was hard, twisted with knots, and really oily. I don’t eat a lot of oil either. Could you please shed some light on what’s going on? I’m amazed but I still haven’t got my kidneys to filter!

1:32:53 – Infinite Intelligence - Will you please speak a little about how genetics affect the status of the body and how we have control of them? Can you improve them or are you just stuck with the status of your genetics?

1:50:39 – Julia - How can I help speech delayed and developmentally delayed children. Are there any herbal formulas for it available?

1:56:36 – Jade - I'm 23 years old & have been having hormonal issues since getting off of bit that control 4 years ago. I was estrogen dominant &starting taking progesterone cream for my symptoms that included acne on the jawline, clots with my menstrual & frequentl yeast infection. Most symptoms have gone away. Now I'm having random sharp pains in my breast along with itchy& flaky nipples. I'm not sure if this is related but it something serious is starting to go on it would like to heal as naturally as I can.

2:06:14 – Bartek - (Male, 26) Thanks to your book I went about 80% vegan. After 1 month the heartburn and allergies went away. During this 6 months when I ate meat/flour my kidney hurt a bit for 1-2 days, allergies came back and the brain fog got worse. My question:which vegetables would be best for me to gain weight? As I lost a lot. Will my kidneys rebuild? Which protocols do you recommend? (please also give me an estimate of how many should I buy as I live outside the US, so I will buy in bulk.

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Elide on Jul 2, '16

I acquired the mystery disease they label Lyme along with a mired of confections. For five weeks my middle spine has numbness with electric shocks (feels like electric eels) in my left side mid back, uber painful travels down my left leg. In ad a very bad Herx in both legs a week ago good not use my right leg, got through that, I have had this challenge for 22 years three years chronically, every day there is something new, I never know what to will wake up to, I have been in contact with your Blessed Clinic through email and have ordered suggested tinctures and herbs they should be here in three weeks as I live on a little Island in the middle of the Atlantic. I eat lots of fruit and colored veg’ no animal proteins, all organic, only drink water, well hydrated
I know there is a way to get better I have just not found it yet am adverse to Antibiotics and conservative medicine, before I was diagnosed I was told I had everything MS, Lugerics, all in my head, get over it ect…
I am so worried about this latest challenge in my spine, I know my Lymphe is sluggish and my kidneys and adrenals need work along with my GUT , I weigh in at 98 pounds weight is very hard to keep constant for the past year
I have had neck surgery when I was 39 3,4,5 all exploded and and to be replaced the neck works well but has pain every now and again. I bruise easliy.
I am almost 60 and have forgotten what it feels like to move without pain, to think clearly.
I want to live again as well as I possibly can as I have a lot more of life left in me to enjoy this enigmatic world and pray for that every day.
I listen to all your posts and enjoy them immensely, you are an Earth Angel and I thank you for all you do for everyone ❤️

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