Q&A - 365 - Teenage Hormones, Advanced Cancer, Male Reproductive Problems

Jun 17, '16
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2:16 – Rudy - I am trying to get my dad and i to health ville . I watched a lot of  Dr.Roberts videos on youtube and they were supper helpful i have been on a fruit and veg diet for a week now  and feel better already ! I want to introduce some of your herb's into my diet just need a little advise im 37 and pop's is 75.

19:47 – Mr.Hellville - I'm having a number of issues that I hope you and your team can help me with. Doctors are dismissing my issues as genetic or teenage hormones. I suffer from extreme premature hair loss (AT 13 YEARS OLD), chronic acne (also 13), eczema and frequent urination (both around 16). I've been transitioning to 100% and also looking to purchase; Lymphatic capsules Kidney and Bladder and also Upper circ. My questions are : Which lymphatic formula should I get? Will I ever have a full head of hair? Age:18,M

35:22 – Jennie - what does one do when faced with a life and death situation of advance stage cancer, where the medical profession are doing everything they can but still the patient is not responding and organs are now failing.

49:52 – Bobby – I’m a 33 yr old male who is currently trying to dig deep and detoxify my body. I have some symptoms relating to the male reproductive area which I would be grateful to hear your opinion…

1:05:54 – Estela – I want to take Solaray Total Cleanse (for kidneys; I got this brand because I am not from the US and didn’t know if I could get yours but I am a mum who still breastfeeds. My son is 2 years and 3 months, so he only breastfeeds once maximum twice a day and very little.

1:12:27 – ZePaul - was born with Cerebral Palsy spastic deplegia, I have a gait walk and my motor skills are effected so is my walking and hand movements, 2 years ago I became Vegan and gave up wheat and sugar. I still deal  with digestive problems like boating and gas. I dont take any dairy ofcoarse and I also deal with Body oder too which I thought would go away with my diet change. Ive been working on cleaning my digestive system lately what do you suggest

1:17:22- LaTrance - I would like to clean my lympathic system. Could you please tell me if apple cidar vinegar is good to do that with? I am following your protocol and some of  Dr. Sebi’s, but apple cider vinegar is not on his list because he teaches alkalizing the body and vinegar has acid. Please help me, I really like it in my salad dressings, but I do not want to keep using it fi it is not cleansing my lymph. I have been a vegan for about 4 months now. I love, love, love,  Dr Morse!

1:28:42 – Alexandria - I have a question about detoxification and cheating:  how far back does a cheat set you?  In a sense, is it like ketosis, where it takes a few days to get yourself "into" detox and a cheat kicks you out, so you have to work for days to get back to the same level?  Or is it a minor bump in the road and you're right back to detoxing as soon as you pickup some fruit Also, as for sediment in urine, why is it that the only time I have properly seen cloudy with sediment when I was experiencing a bladder infection?  I've worked at it for months on all fruit and still haven't seen close to that level of sediment.

1:39:26 – Adiam - My wife lost her period at 35, she is now 4. She recently was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. She's probably had AF for a very long time and it might be the reason for her amenorrhea. She was diagnosed by taking a saliva test. She's gaining weight and she hardly eats anything! Her bowel movements has been like powder for years. She was also diagnosed with severe candida. Her doc put her on cortef.  We happened to catch 1 of your  videos and you said cortef would hurt her adrenals. Can you help?

1:44:11 – Anderson - Blackheads, hundreds all over the nose, small and big. All pores clogged with white hard material all over the face, under lips, cheeks, around the eyes, forehead. Had it since 8th grade and have tried anything with no luck. Cholesterol level was once on a very high 850 at age 17, but now lowered to 170 at age 18 if any of this is matters, blood like milk and arteries was as doctors said "clogged". Lowered by not taking prescribed atorvastatin, fenofibrate, and delayed release niacin by the way.

1:53:14 – Janice – Closed Captioned for the deaf members?

1:54:51 – Renee - My kids (4 years and 1 year) are fairly healthy, they don't have any major health concerns.  I would like to know if there is anything I need to know if I start them on raw now, or are they just like little adults in regards to healing crisis' and nutrition.  I have not come across one yet, but as you know, there is a whole lot of them.

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