Q&A -397 - Fasting, Spine Disease, Lung Cancer, Pulmonary Hypertension

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26:48 – Danielle – From New Zealand. Grape/Lemon fast to dexot. Denture pain for the last 4 years. Can’t eat solid foods.

40:38 – Josh - Hello Dr Morse, 1stly thank you, your videos got me through the 1st stage of my healing journey which wasn't an easy one as you are about to find out.. I am a 24 year old male with numerous spine disease diagnoses and an auto immune diagnosis, i have never accepted these names of course, but the medical terms were scherumanns disease, kyphosis, mild scoliosis, defects in the spine, no spinal fluid and certain chiro practors would call it AS, also diagnosed by medical doctors with fibromyalgia which of course you no all of these conditions is just head to toe acidosis, my problems started when i was around 16-17 with my back and then it all just got worse from there, so i imagine i have been acidic for a very long time before that and i am 24 now, come from a background of eating take a ways every day for years, vegan for last 2 years but still eating junk, i recently did a 90 days grape juice and lemon fast with tinctures and wow, lots has changed but it pushed me to far mentally for my 1st fast digging that deep and left me like a skeleton with different problems that i am now ready to tackle!...

01:21:21 – Emilie – I am trying to help my very deer friend from Quebec, Canada. Her name is Monique. 2 years ago, she had lung cancer and she had her 3rd lobe on the right side removed. In September 2016, they removed a tumor that was ¼ of the size of her brain. She also has a mass in her breast right now…

01:29:22 – Sandra - Hello it has been great watching all of your videos. Such a great education. I actually have a background in Dentistry, along with communications and chemistry. I found out several of my family weaknesses through my kids and their health
through the years. Mainly Pituitary, Adrenals and Para thyroid. Different cases for each. Planning on getting them on a regime. I really wanted to know your thoughts  on vitamins. Are they really necessary to take? I take Melaleuca  which tend to have magnesium sterate in them. In your opinion are they necessary to take? Or what is necessary vitamin to take?  Also what do you say about spiking of blood sugar when eating all the fruits, berries and melons?  Last what about spider veins your thoughts?

1:42:39 – Jacqueline – I have been watching your videos for a good while now very informative stuff. I would like your opinion or thoughts on these diagnosis I received recently. Pulmonary hypertension, PFO in heart what’s the best route to take for dealing with these problems. Is surgery the only answer for a PFO. Heart specialist says I need to have a patch put in for this whole diagnoses.

1:48:34 – Reuben – I knew I found this channel for a reason. I have been tying to lucid dream and eventually Astral project for about a month. I have made a bit of progress and have managed to control my hands and then fly in a separate dream, but still far from complete control…

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Case Yon on Jan 19, '17

I’M Thank you for everything you’ve done and more more

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