Q&A 396 - CPS, Suicidal After Water Fast, MS

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12:24 – Lisa - My extended family is threatening to call children’s protective services on me about my kid’s new fruit centered diet. This is so frightening for us for a bunch of reasons: I am in a delicate state having been severely chronically ill and losing much weight in the past 8 months, I am trying to do the work I need to do by detoxing using the Patty (and Morse) protocol. I am down to 105 lbs and am 5’1” in height. While I am learning about why the body loses weight during cleansing and detox, my extended family has now decided that I am in an anorexic “mental” state and has issued veiled threats to have me hospitalized under their care against my wishes, should they think it’s necessary. We live very close to some of them and we used to see them very often as they helped with childcare when I was too weak or needed to go to endless doctors appointments…

51:51 – Jennifer - I am 32 year s old , vegan for over 5 years, high raw vegan for 3 years, and fruit based for 2 years.  I have used 5 of your deep tissue regeneration kits, the fab four, female reproductive tonic for my painful ovarian cysts, heal all teas, GI broom, stomach tea and the skin tonic for breakouts.  I feasted on citrus for 16 days, grapes for 10 days, and watermelons for 3 days.  The first time I released a parasite/worm was after taking your parasite formulas and fasting for 37 hours (thank you for that) . I have since released two more small worms after fasting in Costa Rica for 26 days in April to heal my painful periods and dissolve my ovarian cysts…

It has been six months since my water fast and I am still on 100 % fruit.  My painful periods have cleared up but emotionally I am struggling and thoughts of suicide have come up once again since my hospitalization in 200 8 .  At that time, I did not want to live in my body anymore and was out of options .   I trusted my "doctor" only to be put on stronger and stronger medications which worsened my body and made me very tired and forgetful .  Counseling and talking about my problems only made my issues worse.

1:16:18 – Rasa - I am 29, was diagnosed with MS  at 24, at that time my problem were mostly, pain in all joints, in lower back, feeling extreme cold and not possible to warm myself, paralysation of left side of body, extreme fatigue, dizziness, problems with bladder, constant anxiety, insomnia, etc. During last years i had all kind of problems from these coming an leaving. I was treated in the hospital  7 times with heavy doses of steroids, getting tablets for pain and spasm. Before that i was twice in the hospital with Lyme disease 2008, 2009- heavy dosages of antibiotics. I got also few vaccination as teenager. With MS i was every three months i was hospitalized in the hospital with relaps. After last hospital steroids teatment i could not sleep for month and was feeling just to die and i stopped to take any medication from hospital from that time. I am vegetarian since 16, eating only home cooked food, quite healthy, but i was living for 7 years in constant stress from work and mostly my partner. He was abusing me. I was living in that situation from 20 till my 27.

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Michael Seevin on Jan 31, '17

What about frozen organic fruit? Do they lose nutrients? Thank you for helping us.

Rodney Mcilroy on Jan 15, '17

Dr Robert – your doing a good job and have a great life outlook .

They call me Jack on Jan 13, '17

Any opinions or comments on inerbody experiences . The opposite of out of body experience or travel. This would be drawring back your awareness or consciousness to actually go inward and literally seeing you’re insides Such as lungs heart digestive track including the endocrine system venial the Lymph. Even to go deeper into the cellular and consciously experiencing the individual consciousness of these cells . This is something I stumbled across quite by accident back in 1975 actually the first time I meditated after reading the book by Richard Hittlmen titled the eight steps to peace and happiness through Hatha Yoga. Thank you Dr. Morse for your most recent videos after this long Christmas and New Year’s holiday .I patiently waited for your videos during this vacation . I especially like the ones on spirituality . I was certified as an Iridolagist in 1992 by Dr. Donald V Beaudine in Poughkeepsie New York . He studied under dr. Bernard Jensen I also had the pleasure . To meet Charlotte Garson some years ago . And many of her cured incurables . I’ve been using herbs along with fresh organic fruit juices together since 1992. And promoting it to friends and acquaintances . I do not charge money . Dr. Morse is the best there is in my honest opinion.❤️ To you Dr. Morse. You are a true healer of bodies and souls .

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