Q&A 395 - PLEASE SEE VIDEO DESCRIPTION BOX - Autism/Traumatic Birth, Gout, Red Eyes

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There is a skip in this video and a couple of questions are missing information. These questions have been given back to Dr. Morse so he can address again.

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3:48 – My heart loves your heart. Thank you 4 all the inspiration Dr. Morse.

4:18 0 – Leah & Jaz - What is your opinion on what the cranial osteopath has told us as i know you have mentioned someone playing Out of there body with there sister as a child. We have decided not to take him back & that his awareness is not a problem although his autism is we will follow your advice. Since having a traumatic birth i feel like i don't know where to start also. (Brain & nerve I'm thinking but do i send an iris pic 1st?) so we are correct in what we are

24:54 – Joseph -  Grace and Peace and Mercy from God, the True Father of Heaven and Earth.  My name is Joseph.  My wife recently found your You Tube videos online and she quickly sent me the link.  As soon as I began hearing your voice, The Spirit began bearing witness with my Conscience that you were someone in the Truth.  I rejoice greatly when I find such a great pearl within someone, as this is very rare in todays age.  Since I began listening to your videos and also reading your book that I ordered, I have found myself becoming more educated with the truth concerning the human body and its molecular structure.  Just know that I have a very strong desire to learn everything you know.  Just like when we eat true nutrition for our physical bodies which our bodies shall only benefit from the same, even so I hungry to eat your true spiritual food for my spiritual body.  In time I hope to be able to share my testimony with you, as I also went on a very spiritual journey seeking for God, the One.  I had many experiences and visions when I fasted for 7 days without food in which God truly made himself known and my Spirit began to go through this “Rapture State” experience.  It is hard to express with a tongue of flesh the joy and love I felt from the other world of God.  Anyways I wanted to ask you a question.  My second youngest daughter suffers from a condition called “Angelman Syndrome”.  This condition causes her to have seizures.  I listened to one of your recent videos in which you spoke about neuro toxicity and how this is a cause of seizures.  I was hoping maybe you could shine some light on being able to recommend a diet suitable for her.  Because of her condition, I thought maybe you knew of some different herbs and any specific living foods that may be better for her.  Are you familiar with this condition?  Any council from you is truly appreciated.  I hope one day we could talk on the phone or even meet.  Thank you Dr. Morse for all your help you offer mankind.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!
37:27 – Davis – Please use your Florida contacts in the Rebublican Party. Try to reach out to Donald Trumps transitional team. See if you can be part of the FDA advisory board and work with Mr Trump to make our country great so we can lift the boas in Herbal Health.

40:57 – Charlie - firstly thanx for the awesome work, message and knowledge you are teaching us. I've been on the raw fruit diet for 5 days and only consuming lemon water on the 6th (today) but my 1st day i got a gout attack, its getting alot worse now as i have gout in both ankles and in the big toe of the right foot..my question is:  should i still carry on? should i have waited till the gout had gone before starting? is this normal when starting a raw fruit? i'm trying to be possitive and hang in there but it's starting to get to me.. i had no sediment in my urine at first but now seeing filtration which is the only thing keeping me going... please help as i am temped to take medication

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1:00:16 – Fabio - I went through 3 years of bulking high protein eating a ton of food multiple times a day. It was just extremely bad and I did it all for gaining muscle. Anyways because of that Im experiencing symptoms. My eyes are red 24/7 all throughout the day, I stopped being able to sweat, and my skin is dry a long with sensitive. My skin stings and is very discolored, especially my nose. My nose is red all day and sometimes it can spread to the sides like how people with lupus look. Im now raw vegan, mostly fruits but vegetables with some rice or sweet potatos once in a while. Whats your opinion on overeating?? I'd appreciate it so much if you helped me, much love, thank you.

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Leah on Jan 11, '17

Yay!! It was great! To hear you dr robert morse read & reply to our letter about our son cameron.
Thank you! Thank you!
& to the rest of the team as they have helped when phoning in also ..
Sending love from jaz & I
X x x x

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