Q&A - 394 - Prostate, Insomnia, Bartholin Cyst, Exercising, Breast Cancer/Implants

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3:16 – “Father is 70 yrs young in uk…about 10-15 yrs ago had prostate removed. He is on blood thinning meds and beta blockers. He recently had a squamas lump removed from his head and is going to follow up with a bit of local radiation. When he gets a cold, it takes a while to shake off”…

29:38 – Sim – “Everyday I’m searching for what cause my total insomnia and I discovered that an intense stress can cause a mutation of a gene that totally prevent to sleep. I need to know if I have chance to heal, so can you please investigate and tell me if a gene mutated can be reverse?”

43:52 – BJ - I have a body balance kit that is like acupuncture but much stronger and more effective without needles or intrusion. How would I show a petro-physicist, who believes in chemistry mostly/only, the physical is the only thing, to understand quantum scalar biological healing?  How do you approach them when they never looked at it themselves and now their health is declining and yet he won't use this balance kit because "it can't be?"

50:52 – Olivia – “I have had a bartholin cyst for quite some time. If you don’t know what that is, its when the bartholin gland by the opening of the vagina is swollen. The gland is thought to secrete lubrication to the vagina.”…

55:37 – The Acid Eliminator – “Can you exercise while detoxing, being that your kidneys are filtering? When you are checking for sediment in urine, should you be able to see it right away or must the urine sit for a while?”

58:05 – Amy – Breast implants – “I am a breast cancer survivor who had bilateral mastectomies in 2012 and by folling my intuition and luck chose not to do chemo or radiation. Last year I was diagnosed with Grave Disease and have both Graves and Hashimotos antibodies. I have seen my antibodies drop significantly and my methimazole dose has dropped dramatically from following the detox with fruits, veggies, and herbs. My concern is that the silicone implants I have are not safe as I was told they were”…

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Nick on Jan 6, '17

According to Dr. Morse you can change the expression of your genes(or the memory of your genes) with raw ripe fruit, herbs, and if needed: glandulars (short term). I 100% agree. I am getting healthier all the time eating raw ripe fruit and some herbs.

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