Q&A - 393 - MTHFR, Fats from Fruit, Nervous System

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3:21 – Can you talk about MTHFR gene mutation that prevents you from being able to detoxify.

9:07 – Lukas – “What is your view on dietary fat from fruit, nuts, seeds, and coconut meat while eating a mostly fruit diet? Is it best to restrict fat for blood sugar control and if so, how much?”

27:56 – Tom – Chiang Mai, Thailand - t's Tom from CHIANG MAI Thailand!! Not only have I listened and learned from you over these past 2 years, I've challenged the teachings and experienced the effects 1st hand......got my butt kicked a few time too! Ive had some deep healing to work on these last 20 months, fortunately I'm now pain free and on my true path in the healing arts. I recently took a month long raw food training course where I experimented on all the nuts and seeds and documented the results on my YouTube channel "inspired by nature". I've been able to prove to myself and share with the viewers the levels of acidity within nuts and seeds, and how they can compromise a detox.

You've done, and continue to do an amazing job passing on the spiritual baton of healing & knowledge. I'm looking forward to level 2, hope your teaching next year where you will receive a big hug!

Ive been about 20 months now on raw food, mainly fruit and herbs removing around 30 uncomfortable symptoms. I'm currently concentrating on rebuilding the nervous system. I'm taking all the right herbs plus liquorice route. My BP is 94/63 & heart 61 and has been after plummeting since kidney filtration in July 2015.
You kindly answered my first letter in Feb this year about hypothyroid, chronic parathyroid and signs of pituitary weakness, where I was lacking some information. Since then I've had a TSH reading of 0.7 which I was told is normal but I doubt it. My temperatures are siting between 95.4 & 95.7 I'm taking the right glandulars etc and following what you teach in class. I've also had blood in my stools since I can remember with a very compromised digestive system. So perhaps a transverse colon pituitary connection. I have read one of Jensons iridology books but my skills are still not up to scratch. I'd be so very grateful for a quick look in the eyes so I can understanding what might be holding me back.

With regards to the nervous system, I have energy but it runs out fast. Mostly from mental engagement but also anything remotely explosive. Id imagine im dealing more with CNS in the head rather than adrenals, perhaps the eyes will tell?  I'll keep on the usual herbs, plus upper circ, brain and nerve no.2 and parathyroid with a calcium formula. Six to seven months ago the Adrenal glandulars made me weak and nervous, do you see that a lot with weak nervous systems? Perhaps I'll try them again.

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nancy Frenette on Dec 20, '16

Hello, I am from Québec, Canada and I discover Thierry Casasnovas videos, his iridology lessons and you. I am so Impress for that learning!!! I work in the medical for 20 years among which 5 years in cancer research (2000-2005). It’s the first time I heard about Détoxification of the lymph system and the importance of Kidney for toxic élimination… I looking in pubmed and I was so much disturbed to fund almost nothing! Where do you find your learning? I am interested to learn more and more about that! Thank you so much for what you do all team!! Nancy :0)

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