Product Updates

Product Updates

Apr 17, '192 comments

New Products

We are excited to announce some new versions of your favorite formulas!  Due to their popularity in the current versions, we are expanding our product line to now offer:

  • Bone and Connective Support in a 2 oz. tincture
  • Heal All Herbal Blend in a 2 oz. tincture (this is the same formula as Heal All Tea, just in tincture form)
  • 3 Lung Herbal Blend in a 2 oz. tincture and 2 oz. glycerin (this is the same formula as the 3 Lung Tea)
  • Kidneys & Bladder III in 2 oz. tincture form
  • Brain & Nerve Health in capsules
  • Gland Tonic in 2 oz. tincture
  • GI Renew (formerly Stomach & Bowels Tonic, see below) #0, #3, #4, and #5 in 2 oz. glycerin
  • Kidneys & Bladder III and IV in 2 oz. glycerin

We will also be phasing out Bone Marrow Capsules and No-Glo (in tincture and glycerin).  Lymphatic System V and Lymph Nodes V will only be available if recommended on your protocol by one of our counselors.

Formula Name Changes

You will also notice that some of our formula names will be changing to more accurately reflect the intended actions of the formulas.  The most noticeable of these will be the change from Stomach & Bowels Tonic to GI Renew (don’t worry, the numbers are the same!).  

Dosing Changes (But Not Really)

In bringing our labels to FDA compliance, we have been informed that “one dropperful” of tincture or glycerin should fill the glass pipette—halfway (even though it’s a “dropper full”).  A full dropper—where the liquid fills the pipette to the top—is technically considered 2 dropperfuls. Confused?  Don’t worry—we agree! We find this to be a bit ridiculous since a dropperful should be a dropper FULL.  But in order to both standardize our labeling and make them FDA compliant, the terminology on the serving sizes will soon be changing.  We know it’s confusing when the label used to say “one dropperful” and now says “two dropperfuls,” but in actuality it is just the wording that is changing.  A full pipette of liquid is a standard dose, same as it has always been, whether you see the pipette as half empty or full.

Dosages by Weight

Another change required for FDA compliance is adjusting the weight breakdown on the labels.  This is due to the fact that the largest recommended serving must be the serving size listed on the Supplement Facts panel.  We find this to be misleading and confusing, but again this is an FDA labeling requirement.

Dr. Morse has always prided himself on having a weight breakdown on his formulas, because the same dose is NOT for everyone!  However, when adhering to the FDA requirement, the heaviest dose on the weight chart is what would be required on the Supplement Facts panel.  Given this requirement and our current dosage table, the dose for 225-300 lbs. would be required on the Supplement Facts panel (indicating the serving size and servings per container).  We feel this is misleading, especially to the vast majority of members who fall quite far under that weight range.

The same will be true for capsules, where we are removing the “acute” dosing so as to keep the serving size on the Supplement Facts panel accurate for the typical dose.  If you are working through something acute, you can absolutely take 3 capsules, three times per day!  But for the average person, 2 capsules three times per day is the standard effective dose and having the label reflect 3 capsules as the serving size is inaccurate and confusing.

So How Much Do You Take?

For most members, the standard dose will be two dropperfuls of tincture or glycerin, three times per day (a full pipette, or two half pipettes).  The standard capsule dose is 2 capsules, three times per day. Please click here to download a weight specific dosing guide.

Again the recommended doses are a guide, because we realize not everyone is the same!  While the FDA works to standardize and make everything “one size fits all,” we realize everyone is unique and detoxification can vary. Don’t stress out (and tax your adrenals!). Always listen to your body, if a dose falls outside the “standard recommendation” but works for you, it’s the right dose!

In Closing

We realize some of this will be confusing as we work through the inventory remaining with the current labels, formula names and dosing and begin receiving new stock of the updated formulas and labeling. There may be instances where you receive an order with different dosing reflected for the same formula; again the dosage is not really changing—only the terminology. We apologize for this confusion and appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding!

Comments (2)

Jake on May 22, '23

Hey guys :)

This is a very helpful article since many people – including myself as a detox specialist from the school – since I always thought that 1 dropper full was indeed FULL haha. Perhaps this image showing the correct measurements could be added to the tincture and glycerin section on the buying page to help future customers out.
Bloody FDA at it again haha.

Peace out,

keith marciniak on Jul 3, '19

hello, i do not see 3 Lung Herbal Blend in a 2 oz. tincture available to buy under tinctures on the website. Is it no available yet?


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