News Articles from Q&A 517

Oct 16, '19

In Dr. Morse’s Q&A #517 video, he discusses three articles.  Two of them are from PublicCitizen’s “Worst Pills, Best Pills” newsletter, this can be accessed via a purchased subscription on their website. The articles Dr. Morse discusses are “Revolving Door to FDA Commissioner’s Office Sows Distrust in Agency” and “An Update on Drug-Induced Parkinsonism.” 

In conjunction with the “revolving door” article above, we have another pertaining to the close relationship between drug manufacturers and government agencies:

Former CDC Head Lands Vaccine Job at Merck

From this article: “This is how every level of government works, top to bottom. There is influence to be bought, and it will be bought. Is there maybe a conflict of interest when government bureaucrats, not just sometimes, but as a matter of routine, leave their government positions to work in the industries and corporations they once regulated? And very often then leave those same corporations to go back into government to “regulate” the corporations they once worked for? Those who adore the State suffer from a high level of cognitive dissonance, especially when you bring up the incestuous relationship between the corporation and the government they love so much. They will say that the CDC says vaccines are safe, therefore everyone should be vaccinated, by force if necessary. But they are incapable of grasping that the CDC and Merck, et al, are the same entity. Monsanto and the USDA are the same entity. Goldman Sachs and Treasury are the same entity. etc. And guess what? You can’t even vote them out of office.”


We also have two other articles for everyone:

Common Drugs like Benadryl Linked to Increased Dementia Risk

Almost No Children in France are Medicated for ADHD:  This is How They Define & Treat It

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