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Hello everyone and Happy 2021—and here’s to a happier and more stable year!  We hope everyone is successfully building (or deepening) their diet and detox goals as we start into the new year!

While 2020 was full of challenges and uncertainty, it provided some opportunity to step back and re-examine many things.  Dr. Morse took this opportunity to re-evaluate and improve on many aspects of the formulas and the product lines. We are extremely excited to start rolling out these new formulas and hope they will help everyone maximize and streamline their detox!  So make yourself a cup of Heal All Tea (we’ll wait), then read on for all the details of what’s to come!

Discontinued Formulas

The following formulas will be discontinued as our existing stock is depleted.  If you are using these formulas, you may want to stock up as much as possible—and keep an eye on the sale page for potential savings as we phase out these items.  If you miss out on one of these, don’t worry—our new formulas will keep you on track! 

  • Healthy Glucose Capsules (Sold Out)
  • Immune Booster Tincture
  • Lymph Nodes I Tincture and Glycerin (Tincture Sold Out, Glycerin Still Available)
  • Lymph Nodes II through V Tincture
  • Pain Release Tincture
  • Skin Support Tincture and Glycerin
  • Spleen Tincture
  • Antifungal Salve
  • Healing Salve
  • Lymphatic System V Salve (Sold Out)
  • Cayenne/Garlic Capsules

Formula Changes/Combinations

We have some exciting new combination versions of existing formulas, designed to maximize your detox while minimizing the number of formulas you use!

Circulation Upper Body and Circulation Lower Body have been combined into one comprehensive Blood Circulation formula.  The new Blood Circulation will be available in both tincture and glycerin form, and both Upper and Lower Circulation tinctures and glycerins will be phased out.

The Kidneys and Bladder formulas have been revised to incorporate the best kidney herbs available! The numbers and function (cleanser vs. diuretic) will remain the same, but the ingredients have changed as Dr. Morse perfects these formulas.

Liver/Gallbladder Support will be phased out in favor of our new Liver/Skin formulation.  The new formula incorporates the Skin Support into the Liver/Gallbladder Support to bring you an all-inclusive way to open the elimination channels.  This will be available in tincture, capsule and glycerin forms. 

Lymphatic System I-V formulas will be discontinued.  But don’t worry—as the foundation of ALL detox, we’re not getting rid of this completely!  Dr. Morse has simplified the Lymphatic formulas while incorporating the Spleen formula, to support and help strengthen this often overlooked lymphoid organ. The new formulas will be Lymphatic System/Spleen (Mild-Moderate-Strong) and will be available in tincture, capsule and glycerin form.

Superfoods I, II and III will be discontinued in favor of a new combination formula:  Superfood Explosion.  This new formula will be available in both powder and capsule form and incorporates the best aspects of all three previous formulas!


The FDA and medical association are at it again—we’ve been advised that we are not permitted to use the word “burn” in a product name since “burn” is a “medical condition.”  However, after offering this formula for several months and receiving tons of feedback from members and staff, Dr. Morse has decided to roll with this and change the name to something more reflective of the overall versatility of this formula.  The formulation itself has not changed, but this product will now be called The Ultimate Herbal Blend and will be available in tincture, capsule, glycerin, loose tea and salve.

Blood Formulas—What You Need to Know

As mentioned above, the Circulation formulas (both Upper and Lower Body) will be phased out in favor of one complete and comprehensive Blood Circulation formula.  While this is a great way to target circulation in general while reducing the number of formulas you are using, we wanted to alleviate some potential confusion between the three different blood-based formulas.

Blood Circulation:  This formula was developed to help optimize blood viscosity and improve circulation systemically throughout the body.  Like the Blood Support formula, it will remove obstructions (both lipid and mineral) while supporting and strengthening the entire vascular system.

Bleeding:  This formula is hemostatic in nature and was formulated to stop mild to moderate internal and external bleeding. 

Blood Support:  This formula was developed for cleansing the blood of impurities and strengthening the entire blood system.  It alkalizes the blood and vascular tissues and helps remove metals and mineral and lipid deposits.

New Kidney and Lymphatic/Spleen

Dr. Morse is very excited about the great improvements to these bedrock formulas!  The Kidneys & Bladder I-IV have new formulations to improve their cleansing and diuretic properties, while the Lymphatic System/Spleen kicks up the astringency and cleansing power while simplifying the formula line.  Both Kidneys & Bladder (I-IV) and Lymphatic System/Spleen (Mild, Moderate and Strong) will be available in tincture, capsule and glycerin form allowing you to completely customize your foundation to suit your preferred way of taking your herbs 

Pair these formulas as follows for best results (but feel free to mix and match to suit your own personal goals):

Kidneys and Bladder I and II with Lymphatic System/Spleen (Mild)
Kidneys and Bladder II and III with Lymphatic System/Spleen (Moderate)
Kidneys and Bladder III and IV with Lymphatic System/Spleen (Strong)


Note:  The principal actions of the individual Kidneys and Bladder formulas have not changed; I and III are focused on cleansing/strengthening while II and IV are more diuretic in nature.

A Special Note from Dr. Morse Regarding Substitutions

We know that many of you have expressed concerns about making substitutions when an item on your protocol is out of stock.  Please, do not let this deter you from your detox.  There is absolutely no reason that you cannot use capsules or glycerin in place of an out of stock tincture (or vice versa)!  If you need assistance with substitutions for an entire formula (something that is only available in tincture form, for example, and that tincture is out of stock) please contact us and we will be happy to let you know what Dr. Morse recommends in place of that formula.  Do not let one formula keep you from the benefits to come from the rest of your protocol—simply substitute or add the missing formula when it is back in stock!

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Catherine on May 21, '21

I love how explanatory all these comments are for someone new like myself! Reading about several products that were recommended as the place for me to start on MY HEALING JOURNEY! We can do this!

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