Marcie and David's Topic Video

Oct 9, '18

1 – Diet Species Specific Diet – Optimal diet for our anatomy. Lack of Nutrition or Lack of Eliminations? Can we survive-thrive on only fruit. What qualifies as a fruit? Best fruits, specific fruits, categories of fruit. Greens and Veggies – Pros and cons. Specific veggies. Whole Foods vs blending vs juicing vs dried vs fermented.

2- Supplementation -Isolated chemistry – Examples of rations and complexes found in nature. Importance of consuming whole foods. Deficiencies – Digest, absorb, utilize, eliminate. B12 - What is it? Why do we need it? Where can we get it? Testing levels? Minerals – What are they and what are they for? Omegas – What are they and what are they for? Ratios? Probiotics – Pros and Cons. Temporary fix vs changing internal environment. Digestive Enzymes – Different kinds? Can we become deficient-dependent?

3 – Protein and Sugar Myths – What is protein? What is it used for? Effect of excess proteins? What about plant proteins? Best Reponses for Where do you get your protein? What is sugar? Types of sugar? How does sugar feed cells convert to energy? Responses for Sugar feeds candida and sugar feeds cancer.

4- Thinness and Muscle Loss. Malabsorption and Hyper-thyroid. How think can-should I get? Am I too think to detox? Exercising while detoxing. Negative effects of too much exercise? Best Forms? Cycles of cleansing and building – Timeframes. Food, herbs and strategies to use when building.

5 – Connective Tissue Weakness. What is it and what are some of the signs? Parathyroid – What are it’s functions and how is it responsible for utilizing calcium? Best ways to cleanse-strengthen the parathyroid.

6 – Kidney Filtration – How the kidneys filter lymph and how to know if you are filtering? How much sediment? How often? Top strategies to get kidneys filtering – Diet, herbs, hot/cold, massage, dry fast etc.

7- Renal Failure – What is it and why is it increasing? Causes? Dialysis – What is it and what to do?

8- Blood Sugar Issues – What do they mean? Hypo/hyper glycemic, diabetes 1 & 2. Differences Type 1 vs Type 2 and the different causative factors. Sugar levels, testing, insulin. Plan of action – Diet, protocol, lifestyle.

9 – Eliminating Virus’s – What is a virus? Are virus’s different? HIV, Hep C, HSV, Etc? Transmittable? Realistic timeframe. Emotions, Plan of action.

10 – Mindset and Approach to Detox – Motivations, Goals, Will-power, Personal responsibility. Habbits, traditions, social settings, cravings, emotion detox. Becoming educated – Keep it simple/information overload, dealing with family/friends, Understanding healing events.

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