March Newsletter

March Newsletter

Mar 30, '20

Hello Friends, we’re navigating a very different world than we were when the last newsletter was sent, and I cannot think of a better way to start this one off than with the quote in the photo. 

Many have written in asking about what to do, and how to strengthen your immune systems.  Dr. Morse has recorded a few videos addressing this, and the key thing to remember with any “virus” is that it’s all about terrain!  Always remember that viruses and the like are nature’s clean up crews, their job is to clean up dead/damaged tissue.  When your body is clean and your lymph is moving, there is nothing for them to feed on and they will not survive.  But if you’re full of stagnant lymph and/or tons of mucus; the terrain looks great to them so they move in and get to work.  Our original topic for this month’s newsletter was keeping the detox drive you began in January going, and in light of everything going on around the world that topic has never been more poignant.  Understanding the lymphatic system and detoxification are key to navigating this pandemic without fear.

There is an inordinate amount of fear circulating the planet right now, but doing what we do and knowing what we know, that fear is largely unfounded.  With most of our daily lives and routines turned completely upside down, it’s easy to get off track with our detox.  But keeping your detox focus is precisely what we should be doing right now, as it’s the best way to protect ourselves!  If you’ve found yourself dropping away from your detoxification, get yourself back on track!  Fruit is one thing that seems to be very abundant despite the fear/panic buying at most stores, so load up!  Washing your hands and keeping hydrated are important, and there’s no better way to hydrate than with lots of fruit and herbal teas (think 3 Lung and/or Heal All—you can even mix the two 50-50!).  Snack on fruits throughout the day, maybe start a juice fast (even a few days can be extremely beneficial), or smoothie it up!  Get some fresh air and sunshine every day.  Some of you are on recommended lockdown, some are under shelter in place orders, but wherever you are, find a way to get outside for at least a few minutes a day. 

And just as we started this newsletter with a quote, we will end it with one as well.  Unfortunately, this one came from a Facebook photo/meme that did not have a name attached so I cannot give credit where it’s due (if anyone has an accurate source for this please let me know so I can update!).  As we emerge from this time, may we all see how little we really need, how much we truly have, and never forget the value of human connection.

Keep that lymph moving and be well!

Featured Fruit: Strawberries

Of all the berries, strawberries are some of the most prevalent throughout spring and summer and are a favorite for many!  Like all berries they are loaded with antioxidants, high in water content and great for the brain and nervous system!  They’re high in Vitamin C and manganese, have decent amounts of folate and potassium, and are one of the top fruit sources of zinc.

Strawberries can be enjoyed just as they are, added to salads, stored in the refrigerator for 3-5 days, or frozen whole for up to two months.  And they are very easy to grow, so if you have a location where they will receive 6-10 hours of sunlight per day, try growing your own!

Recipe of the Month:  Strawberry Banana Smoothie

This is probably the easiest thing you’ll ever make, and it never really gets old!  Just take 4 frozen bananas, add 2 cups of fresh strawberries, blend and enjoy! 

Featured Formula:  Superfoods

These formulas were designed for all ages and all walks of life.  As this formula is mega-nutritional, it fits in all situations, especially highly depleted individuals or those with malabsorption issues.  Even animals can benefit tremendously from this formula, and it makes a wonderful prenatal and/or breastfeeding support formula!  The Superfood complexes far exceed ortho-molecular supplementation (separate vitamins and mineral isolates), giving you a power packed formula where the whole exceeds the sum of the individual parts!  These formulas are interchangeable, with II being slightly sweeter than the others and III being the optimal choice for the elderly and young children due to its higher fruit/berry content.  Try them all and see which one resonates with you the most!

Monthly Sale

Visit the sale page for great deals on Superfood I, Superfood II, and other great formulas for enhancing your detox and fortifying your immune system (click here to visit the sale page).

Counselor’s Corner

In lieu of an article from one of our counselors, this month we want to touch a bit on balance.  The Spring Equinox (the day of balanced light and dark) has just recently passed, and as we move into longer days it’s a great time to talk about balance.  The energy of spring is that of growth and movement, so many of you may be struggling with life as you know it essentially coming to a halt.  Stepping out of our rush, rush, rush routines can be a challenge, and many may be finding silence and/or stillness of isolation very disconcerting.  As difficult as these times are, they can be a great opportunity to re-evaluate what is really necessary and initiate some positive change.  Bring balance to your detox by tending to the mental/emotional and spiritual parts of yourself.  This is a great time to start a new routine (meditation, yoga, self-care, journaling), and since many of you are at home, it’s a fantastic opportunity to really examine your space.  What are you holding onto that you no longer need?  Clear it out!  Once you’ve done that, take some time to re-organize your space and see if things can be changed or moved to improve the energetic flow of your home.  Burn some sage or palo santo to really cleanse the space (and smudge yourself, too!).  If you are sensitive to burning/smoke, get some essential oil diffusers; you can get pre-made essential oil blends or mix your own.  Change can be scary and can push us outside our comfort zones, but at the risk of sounding as if we’re minimizing what’s happening, change is nothing more than “what you make it.”  It is pure potential, so harness that potential and use it to improve yourself (on all levels!) and your space!  At a time when so much seems beyond our control, reclaiming our minds, spirit and space can bring a new level of healing.

From Dr. Morse

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From Our Members

The Superfood III is very tasty, especially when mixed with orange juice. I like the idea that it is loaded with great fruit that you can’t buy regularly at the grocery store.  Wonderful healthy product.  (John K., 1/19/20)

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