Update on Mandate Resources

Update on Mandate Resources

Oct 22, '214 comments

October 26 (next Tuesday!) the FDA will hold a meeting to discuss covid vaccination for children ages 5-11. The meeting is being held by the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC), a panel who advises the FDA on whether to approve or authorize biologics for use in American populations.

If the FDA expands the Pfizer EUA to children as young as 5, systems are already in place to distribute the jab to our most vulnerable, and schools will increase covid jab mandates for our children.

Now through Monday is our opportunity to stop this. You can make a public comment through Stand for Health Freedom’s portal that will go on record for the FDA to consider as it decides on Emergency Use Authorization for covid vaccines for children ages 5-11.  You can also voice your comments directly on the FDA website by clicking here

As vaccine mandates are being pushed by fearful private businesses (who are in turn being pushed and coerced by the Federal Government), we’d like to share Jeff Childers’ post on preparing an EFFECTIVE religious accommodation (and please note; you do not have to adhere to an organized religion, or any religion, to make use of this!). We hope this will be helpful to those looking for resources and ways to avoid forced vaccination.

Big news in Florida this week as Governor Ron DeSantis calls a special session to draft legislation prohibiting vaccine mandates. Now is the time folks, if you value freedom of choice in terms of personal health, it’s time to start standing up and pushing back with your local, state and federal “representatives!” Call, write, attend meetings/sessions, make your voices heard! It only takes one state to tip the scales and Florida seems to be blazing the way, but there is strength in numbers so no matter where you are, make your elected officials listen!

One last article to share pertaining to the growing Health Freedom Movement shaping up (click here to read), and don’t forget to make sure you’re subscribed to the email newsletter for events/retreats. We have a few excursions being offered by alumni coming up, as well as some exciting news pertaining to Dr. Morse’s videos and platforms…so stay tuned and make sure you’re subscribed for more info on these!  

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Nick on Nov 5, '21

I will tell you why they keep testing these vaccinations on everyone including children. GREED and CONTROL (Power). These drug companies are in bed with these corrupt politicians more now than ever before because of this fraudulently elected sock puppet BIDEN! These drug companies are motivated soley by $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and control and these corrupt politicians are driven by power and money. They ( corrupt politicians and drug companies) want to control every aspect of our lives. They are true scum! They do not care who they harm or even kill in the process of their power trips and stealing of Americans’ money.

Jacient Henry on Nov 1, '21

You guys are absolutely right. If this vaccine can’t eradicate this virus, then why test this on young humans that can’t make conscious decisions. If it works so WELL, why are jabbed people so worried about the unjabbed 🤔. It seems like there is more to this story. To pacify people with insubstantial funds is a total smoke screen in our eyes for some. Forgive me I have a lot to say…may you be blessed in all you do, in the name of the most high. Amen!

Regina Stegall on Nov 1, '21

Nobody should have to take this experimental jab at any circumstances what so ever, much less children. What’s happening to America? They want to destroy every citizen and give away America to illegals and China. This corrupt government officials,(including the fake president) they should all be kicked out of here!!

Kimberly Sims on Oct 27, '21

No child under 18 should be allowed to consent to any medical procedures / test / vaccines without the custodial parent’s approval.

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