Lymphatic Iridology with Dr. Robert Morse

Lymphatic Iridology with Dr. Robert Morse

Jan 22, '211 comment

The course you've been waiting for is finally here! 

You will learn the art and science of Lymphatic Iridology, the only way to assess the Great Lymphatic System and the soft tissues of the body.  Enjoy over 12 hours of video where Dr. Morse teaches you the fundamentals and finer points of this underutilized art, and to use this understanding to write powerfully effective herbal protocols!  This course features several quizzes to reinforce your learning in preparation for the certification exam.

Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to the course material.  This will include future updates and expansions made to the course.  This course is 100% self-paced, so there are no required class/meeting times and there is no deadline for completion.  Registration for Lymphatic Iridology will open on Monday, January 25, 2021.  Students may register and begin the course any time on or after that date.

There are no prerequisites for the Iridology course, completion of this course will not meet the requirement for Level Two (Level One will be required to register for Level Two).  This course is suitable to be taken alone, or in conjunction with Level One, Two or both. 

The cost of this course will be $1,395.00.  It does not include Level One or the forthcoming Level Two.  These classes are priced and completed independently.  On the same token, there is no group/sharing option for the online courses.  Each registration, and certification upon completion, is per person.  Students are not permitted to share login info with others and anyone caught doing so will be removed from the course.

At this time, there are no scholarships or discounts available for the course.  We do  have the ability to accept payments for the course, however access to the course will not be granted until the balance is paid in full.  If you are interested in this option, please reply back for more information.

Upon passing the written exam with an 80% or better, you will receive your certification for successful completion of Lymphatic Iridology. 

To Visit the ISOD Website and/or Register, Click Here 

General Course Outline

Iridology Lecture

  1. Iridology Introduction (42 min)
  2. Eye Mapping (25 mins)
  3. Iridology Photo and Chart Mapping Part 1 (25 mins)
  4. Iridology Photo and Chart Mapping Part 2 (38 mins)
  5. Iridology Photo and Chart Mapping Part 3 (32 mins)
  6. Iridology Photo and Chart Mapping Part 4 (38 mins)

Iridology Lecture Continued

  1. Iridology Part 1 (53 mins)
  2. Iridology Part 2 (59 mins)
  3. Iridology Part 3 (38 mins)
  4. Iridology Part 4 (19 mins)
  5. Iridology Part 5 (29 mins)
  6. Iridology Part 6 (52 mins)

 Iridology:  Mapping and Protocols

  1. Eye Mapping the GI Tract (26 min)
  2. Iridology Eye Mapping with Protocols Part 1 (79 min)
  3. Iridology Eye Mapping with Protocols Part 2 (20 min)
  4. Iridology Eye Mapping with Protocols Part 3 (48 min)
  5. Iridology Eye Mapping with Protocols Part 4 (41 min)
  6. Iridology Eye Mapping with Protocols Part 5 (21 min)
  7. In Closing

Written Exam:

  1. Multiple Choice (60 questions)
  2. True/False (33 questions)
  3. Short Answer (9 questions)
  4. Mapping (10 questions)
  5. Identification (33 questions)
  6. Essay (4 questions)

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