January Newsletter

January Newsletter

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Realistic Goals for New Beginnings

Hello and happy 2020! This year is full of potential, and many of you have expressed your desires to tap into that potential and really get yourselves on the detox track!  So now that we are a couple weeks into 2020, how are you doing with your goals?  Some of you may be struggling or starting to waver a little.  Often we set goals for ourselves with little or no forethought or planning, or we don’t realize how hard the work really is!  If you fall into this category, not all is lost.  If you’ve struggled with setting and keeping New Year’s goals in the past, this is the year you can make it happen!

If you’re finding yourself struggling or wavering in your resolutions, instead of giving up take a step back and examine your goals.  The key factor to successfully achieving a goal is making it realistic and achievable!  Almost any goal is achievable with focus and determination, however very often we sabotage ourselves by attempting to change too much too fast; setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves.  For example, if you are currently eating a SAD (Standard American Diet) but want to switch to an all fruit diet, that is definitely achievable.  Switching all at once, on the other hand, is very often unrealistic (this can also be true for those who are somewhere between SAD and all fruit as well!).  

Take a look at some of the goals and/or resolutions you may be struggling with and see how they might be broken down into smaller steps to make them more realistic.  In the example above, you could choose to eliminate one thing at a time and replace it with a fruit snack or meal.  Once you’ve acclimated yourself to not eating that one thing, pick the next least detox-friendly food you consume and eliminate that.  Giving yourself a week or so to acclimate to small changes makes the overall process easier.  In the early weeks this may seem tedious and leave you feeling that it will take forever to achieve your overall goal.  But with time, the transitions will become easier and go faster; the cleaner your body becomes the less you will want the “junk.”  Every small change that is made can still have incredible, positive effects on your detox to keep you moving forward.

Another key to successfully reaching a goal is making it measurable, which can be really difficult with detoxification!  Unlike a weight loss goal, it is almost impossible to measure levels of health or toxicity!  Even using an iridology analysis can take several months to show changes.  If you’re not sure how to measure your goal, journaling and trackers can help.  Pick a specific day of the week to journal the messages you currently receive from your body (you know, what mainstream medicine would call “symptoms”).  Make a list of everything you can think of that you experience—gastrointestinal upset after eating, shortness of breath, high or low blood pressure, brittle or pitted fingernails, etc.  Use our health questionnaire (click here) as a guide.  Rate each on a scale of 1 to 10 (or some other form of quantification that works for you).  At the same time, keep a daily tracker of things you are doing to support your detox; eating a fruit meal, eating a salad, yoga, meditation, saunas, etc.  About once a month or so, look back over your weekly records of body messages and their scale/ratings, and review how well you’ve done on a daily basis.  Over time, you’ll start to see changes in your body that will correlate to your day to day consistency.  With detoxification, some people notice dramatic changes right away.  For others, change occurs slowly, day to day and goes largely unnoticed (especially in the early stages).  Looking back over time and assessing where you are compared to your starting point, will give you a clearer vision of the progress you really are making!

Like the Chinese proverb says, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Remember that detoxification is a process, sometimes a lengthy one depending on our personal histories and genetics!  Just trust in the process and know that if you are eating raw and taking herbs…your body is detoxing whether it’s immediately noticeable or not!  Small steps may not seem like you’re accomplishing very much, but remind yourself that each small step brings you closer to your overall goal.  Keep yourself accountable, but also be forgiving.  If you slip or stray from your diet, or deviate from taking your herbs consistently, it’s OK!  Don’t quit or beat yourself up, just get back on track and start where you left off!

Featured Fruit:  Lemon

One of the detoxification powerhouses, lemons are one of nature’s greatest gifts!  The outermost layer (“zest”) contains essential oils like limonene & citral.  The inner layer contains a variety of bitter flavone glycosides and coumarin derivatives, while the juice contains mainly sugars and fruit acids (citric acids).

Lemons are one of the highest sources of Vitamin C, as well as vitamin B6, potassium, folic acid, flavoinoids and limonene.

Lemon is somewhat unique in the fact that while they are acidic, they convert to alkaline ash inside the body. Known for the ability to make you “pucker” due to their highly astringent nature, it is hard to find a better way to break up stagnant lymph than with lemon! Lemons, along with grapes, are two of nature’s greatest lymphatic cleansers and “tumor busters.”

Recipe of the Month:  Lemonade Fast

  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice from freshly squeezed lemons
  • ½ to ¾ tablespoon of raw honey or genuine maple syrup (not maple-flavored sugar syrup)
  • Pinch of Cayenne Pepper

Combine the lemon juice, raw honey and cayenne pepper in a 10-ounce glass and fill with hot (not boiling) distilled water.  Cold water may also be used if preferred.  Never use canned, frozen or pasteurized lemon juice!

To make a full quart:

  • 10 cups of distilled water
  • 1½ cups fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • ½ cup raw honey or genuine maple syrup

Shake well and refrigerate in an air-tight container, preferably glass.

Featured Formula:  Deep Tissue Cleansing and Regeneration Kits

Over the coming months, we plan to feature a specific formula each month.  However this month we felt it would be great to focus on the Deep Tissue Cleansing Kits, since they’re a great way to start off a detox and could be really helpful for those of you setting detox goals for the year!  The kits are very versatile, truly a “one-size fits all” option!  With two Kidneys & Bladder formulas and Lymphatic System formula as the foundation, this will help get your lymph moving and the kidneys filtering!  Followed by the Liver/Gallbladder formula to help detoxify and strengthen the liver, and the GI Renew to help regulate elimination.  Two parasite formulas to help remove those “little buggers” we’ve picked up through the years; Parasite G is for larger organisms like worms and flukes while Parasite M is for micro-organisms like fungus, bacteria, and viruses.  Finally, the Endocrine Support to help activate the glands, strengthening, supporting and bringing their function into balance. 

The Deep Tissue Cleansing and Regeneration Kits are a fantastic tool for your detox journey.  They are an excellent way to start off, but even if you’ve been detoxing and using the herbal formulas for quite some time they can still be a valuable tool for once or twice-yearly maintenance or the periodic DEEP clean out!

Many people confuse the Deep Tissue Cleansing and Regeneration kits with the Fab Four.  While both are great foundations to any protocol, the kits are a comprehensive set of formulas and can be a complete protocol in and of themselves!  The Fab Four was designed more for maintenance, or as the foundation for building a complete protocol.  The Fab Four is great for when affordability is an issue, or to keep everything functioning properly when you’re not actively working on a detox protocol.  But for a deeper and more comprehensive detox, the Deep Tissue Cleansing and Regeneration kit is recommended.

January Sale

Close out your month getting started on a detox--or getting yourself back on track if you've slipped a little!  Starting Monday, January 27th and continuing through Friday, January 31st, take 10% off all predesigned kits (Deep Tissue Cleansing Kits or the Fab Four) by entering the code KITS10 at checkout, or mentioning it when ordering by phone.  All the standard "small print" applies to this sale; offer is valid only for predesigned kits, will only apply to retail orders placed within the applicable timeframe, coupon code must be applied at checkout, and no back-orders will be honored.

From Dr. Morse

“You are the one in control. Stop, explore yourself, and rid yourself of the thoughts, images, and feelings that bind you. Become free and healthy and your body will readjust itself to match. Become love.”

From Our Members

Love cleaning my body with Deep Tissue Cleansing kits! I see the progress, feel much better, my skin is clearing up significantly. Thank you very much to a beautiful Dr. Morse and his team! (Svetlana F.)

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Amanda on Feb 25, '20

Thank you all so much for continuing to inspire and encourage us. I am so blessed to have this site/sanctuary in my life. May the Morse be with you.

rita flemming on Feb 22, '20

I love this so much! thank you!

Tone on Feb 22, '20

Great post and content! Looking forward to more. Thank you!

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