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Jan 9, '191 comment

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year,

During the past couple weeks we have received a few inquiries and/or concerns regarding the Facebook group named ISOD Graduates.

We wish to take a moment to remind our International School of Detoxification (ISOD) Alumni of a few points regarding this group:

  • This is not an official ISOD Facebook group
  • This group is not owned or moderated by any member of the Herbal Health Club/ISOD staff
  • Members of this group are not vetted by any member of the Health Club/ISOD staff, therefore alumni status of all members cannot be verified
  • The posts and/or information on this group are the opinions of the individual members, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health Club or the International School of Detoxification
  • This group contains posts from members that are not in alignment with Dr. Morse’s teachings and are not endorsed, approved, or monitored in any way by Dr. Morse himself or Health Club/ISOD staff

We ask that, as always, everyone use caution and careful discernment while interacting on Facebook or other social media forums.  While these groups can be wonderful ways to connect with other like-minded individuals and find support in your detoxification journey, not all groups and/or members share the same consciousness. 

The owners of this group have been asked to remove ISOD from their group name/description in order to prevent further confusion regarding association or affiliation with the Herbal Health Club or the International School of Detoxification.

If you are an ISOD alumni, information regarding an official Facebook forum for alumni is forthcoming, please stay tuned!

We wish everyone a health-filled and ‘fruit-full’ 2019!

Best regards,

Dr. Morse and the Herbal Health Club Staff

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Brooke Crook on Jan 16, '19

Happy to see this update! Looking forward to the official group!

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