International Distributor Update

International Distributor Update

Aug 19, '21

We understand the struggles our International members face with regards to shipping and import duties, and that ordering through distributors within their own region is often the difference between being able to obtain the herbal formulas they need—or not!

We appreciate our member’s dedication and loyalty to the standards of quality, purity and potency we uphold in our products and hope this information will provide all of you with peace of mind that they are purchasing Dr. Morse’s genuine Cellular Botanicals; even when ordering internationally.

We would like to verify that in Europe, there are three major distributors that sell Dr. Morse’s Cellular Botanicals.  These are (click names to visit sites):

The Cotswolds Juice Retreat

Herbs for Detox

Nutrition Vision (Netherlands-Website in English and Dutch)

We also have one major distributors of Dr. Morse’s formulas in Australia:

The Detox Shop

Due to the restrictive nature of Health Canada regulations there are currently no major, large scale distributors selling Dr. Morse’s herbal formulas in Canada. 

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