Important Notice regarding Fake YouTube Solicitations

Important Notice regarding Fake YouTube Solicitations

Jan 27, '212 comments

Hello Friends!

We are sending this message to remind everyone that Dr. Morse does not actively monitor or respond to YouTube comments on his channel, nor does he have a personal email or WhatsApp number.  Dr. Morse does not offer private consults and most certainly would not solicit via social media comments.

Unfortunately this reminder is necessary because there is an imposter contacting people via the YouTube comments.  This person uses the moniker “Robertmorsend” (capital R, one subscriber and zero content on their channel) and Dr. Morse’s profile picture.  THIS IS NOT DR. MORSE or any member of the Health Club staff. 

This person has been reported and the issue is being pursued, but in the meantime if this person contacts you, or you see them making comments on YouTube videos, please know that it is not Dr. Morse. 

Be Well and Be Wary!

Dr. Morse and the Health Club Staff

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Lindsey Topping on May 21, '21

How do I get an appointment with dr Morse or a practioner dr Morse trained?

NANCI Cestone on May 21, '21

Dr. Morse, I am recently being pressured by friends to get the COVID shots of which I do not want to and I would like to be directed as to where I can educate myself on the science of why I am not interested in having this poison in my body- they kep referencing Herd Immunity? What is this- Help!

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