Health Club Communication

Health Club Communication

Apr 18, '183 comments

Hello and Happy Wednesday Everyone!

We would like to make everyone aware that for legal and privacy/security reasons, our company policy prohibits the use of Facebook Messenger for communication. This applies to all staff, including counselors.  If you have private messaged any staff member or counselor, please email your message to our office as Health Club staff does not receive and cannot respond to private messages via Facebook Messenger.

Your message is important and we'd like to make sure it's addressed, but it must come through the proper channels.  Thank you and have a great week!

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Michael on Apr 18, '18

Aloha All, Thank you! I appreciate this policy of no Facebook. You might also consider adding google to the policy. Check out this link. Blessings, Michael

Carl Eklund on Apr 18, '18

I feel that you are the best there is and I am totally with you …you have helped so many people including me….I feel your book is a masterpeace and I read it regularly….thank you and much blessings always….Carl Eklund

Deborah Wilson on Apr 18, '18

I am so happy that I found you & I am interested in more info about your school .my back ground is natural health practitioner / spiritual Healer .I am in need of ordering some of your detox herbs for my self. I am starting a 5 day cleanse and would love your insite to some of my health issues ❤️🙏🏼

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