Have You Been Loving Your Liver?

Have You Been Loving Your Liver?

Jun 21, '21

Spring is the season that Traditional Chinese Medicine associates with the liver (and gallbladder), so as we find ourselves heading into summer it’s a great time to make sure your liver is strengthened and supported—especially if you have not given it a lot of thought or focus the past couple months!

The liver is able to self-regenerate (it’s said that it is the only organ in the body that can do this, but we know that is not necessarily true!). The liver also performs more than 500 functions in the body, including helping with regulation of adrenal and thyroid hormones as well as cholesterol production. Most sources will tell you that the liver is one of the primary detoxification organs, but again we know better!  While the liver does play an important role in detoxification, it is not an eliminative organ. Instead, the liver is the body’s laboratory. Its principal duty is filtering the blood, removing chemicals and toxins and transmuting them into forms which can then be flushed out of the body (via the lymph, then colon and/or kidneys).

As we know the body is not made of isolated, independent parts fit together like puzzle pieces; each organ/gland works synergistically with others to create the whole you!  Your liver works most directly with the thyroid, blood and skin. Helping to keep your blood clean lessens the burden on the liver, giving it more energy to dedicate to detox. The same applies to the skin. Strengthening and supporting your liver can lead to healthier skin—always a plus heading into summer! 

So how can you help your liver?  First—always—with food! If you are detoxing and/or all fruit, some fruits to incorporate as much as possible are lemons, grapefruit, apples and avocado. Greens (juiced or added to salad) are also great for supporting the liver; this is true of almost all greens but especially true of spinach, arugula and dandelion greens. If you are on a moderate detox and including steamed or lightly cooked veggies, think about carrots, beets (don’t forget the tops/greens as these are great for the blood and can be lightly sauteed, steamed or chopped and added to salad), broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and garlic. Note that all the veggies listed (except beets and carrots) are cruciferous, so only include them in light moderation or avoid completely if you know you have a lot of sulfur/stagnant lymph to work on (if this is you, focus on the liver-friendly fruits above instead).

Let’s not forget about emotions either. Just as all of our organs/glands work synergistically, so do our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies! As many of you have discovered during your own detoxing, you cannot detox the physical without working on the emotional bodies as well. Even if you are not actively working on emotions, they will come up as the physical body starts to release trapped emotions from the tissues. A good way to maximize a liver detox is to look at areas where anger may be affecting your life. Reflect on things that may be causing anger, and healthy ways to address and/or release them. Consider what you may be holding onto, why, and how you can let those things go. Journaling is a good tool for this, as is meditative focus. While some of us may need help and support from a qualified counselor to work through these things (especially deeper issues that have been suppressed long term), very often just bringing our awareness to them is enough to begin a shift and release.

A couple other helpful things to get your liver in tip-top shape are castor oil packs, and acupressure on the liver meridian. Castor oil packs can be done periodically, or daily if actively detoxing. If you are a health club member you can find a handout describing how to do a castor oil pack by clicking here. You can also help your liver (and as a bonus, your kidneys too!) by applying firm pressure for a minute or two at a time to the point known as LV2, which is located right where the tendons of your big toe and the next toe meet. You can also massage the reflexology point for the liver. This is located on the bottom of your right foot, between the fourth and pinkie toe just below the ball of your foot (click here to see LV2 and reflexology locations or here for Castor Oil Pack Instructions).

Liver flushes can be helpful, but this is something we recommend on an “as-needed” basis only (and it’s a good idea to work with a counselor or qualified Detoxification Specialist before you decide to undergo one yourself). Many people recommend liver flushes several times a year, and in frequent succession (flush, wait a few days, flush again, and continue the process until no more ‘stones’ come out). However this can be very hard on the body, especially with the standard procedure using Epsom salts. If you or your counselor/Detox Specialist do feel you would benefit, please take the time to adequately prepare yourself and most importantly—SKIP THE SALTS. While Epsom salts do help dilate the ducts, they are extremely harsh. If you are in a position where you feel a liver flush is needed, the last thing you want to do is burden and/or stress your body further with a massive salt intake (not to mention the potential to adversely affect your salt/mineral balance long term). Instead, opt for a more gentle but every bit as effective method Dr. Morse recommends, and remember one flush is more than enough! (Click here for the liver flush handout).

Spend some time focusing on your liver, and don’t forget the Liver/Skin formula available in tincture, capsule or glycerin form—and for extra potency pair it with the Pancreas Support. Your digestion and overall detox will thank you!

Summer Teas

Speaking of transitioning from spring to summer, many of us in warmer climates are finding ourselves backing off our herbal teas as the weather heats up. But we do not have to forego these foundations to our detox regimens—instead make an infusion!  Use ¼ to ½ cup of herbs (depending on your detox goal and/or taste preference) in a quart mason jar. Bring about a quart of water to a light boil then pour it into the jar. Seal the jar with a tight-fitting lid so your beneficial steam and oils are not evaporating. Leave the jar sit until it cools to room temperature, then strain out your herbs and drink this throughout the day. If your tea is mostly flowers/leaves, it’s best to leave it steep for 2-4 hours. If your infusion includes bark/root pieces, 8 hours is best (you can make this before bed and leave steep overnight). To make straining easy, you can use a cold brew coffee filter (like this) in your mason jar.

“Ethical Dr. Morse Group” on Facebook

We have received several complaints regarding this group and it’s owner, and wish to take a moment to remind everyone that we do not own, moderate or monitor ANY Facebook groups. We have no affiliation with group owners other than they may or may not have completed Dr. Morse’s ISOD classes. Many groups and/or participants claim to follow his teachings—but for many the following of teachings pertains only to diet and herbs but falls short in the consciousness and kindness departments. Please everyone be wary and discerning when it comes to social media (even those using Dr. Morse’s name).

Remember that any group or individual who attacks and/or puts down others is not working in alignment with Dr. Morse’s teachings. If you are looking for a certified practitioner in your area, you can use the Practitioner Directory on the Grapegate website

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Video Links

Those of you who joined Shannon and Dr. Morse for Patty Lager’s two classes (Electrical Chemistry and Cell Biology) were privy to some great side discussions on “the virus,” 5G, and the electrification of both the human body and the earth itself. For those of you who missed it, we have lots of great videos to share on these topics (and I mean a lot!). You can find them by clicking here (all are listed under the “Vaccines, The ‘Virus’ and Electrification” heading). 

Other recommended reading on this topic includes “The Contagion Myth” by Thomas Cowan MD and Sally Fallon Morell (don’t look for this on Amazon as it’s quietly banned there), and “The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life” by Arthur Firstenberg (this is available on Amazon, but in our opinion it would be better to support other sites that do not ban/censor certain topics).

Upcoming Events/Classes/Retreats

Starting a Business the Healthy Way – Dr. Morse guides you through starting your own Healing Practice and business. From practical and legal considerations, finances and self-advertising to inventory management and how to conduct a client appointment, this course covers the essentials and gives you actionable insights and tips for success. Coming soon to the International School of Detoxification website!

Instantaneous Healing through the Vogel Technique – Join Mika Nelson for a crystal healing class centered on the work and techniques of Dr. Marcel Vogel. This class includes the therapeutic healing modality taught by Vogel, together with new techniques that have emerged. This is a LIVE, Zoom class with live hands-on demonstrations of the healing technique.

Detoxweek: Online Group Detox – Join Level 2 Detox Specialist Lex for a week-long group detox via Zoom! Here is a great opportunity to deepen or begin your detox journey, with several levels of detox and support options available.

Sacred Crystal Training, Digs & Grids – Join Mika Nelson for his next Arkansas Extravaganza!  Bringing over 35 years’ experience and a vast knowledge of crystals and healing every day on this tour Mika will guide you to special mines and lakes, teach grid building, and lead crystal meditations to help you remember your Atlantis connections.


“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

~Thomas Jefferson

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