Danielle Miranda: Plant Based Athlete

Oct 20, '176 comments
One very common misperception is that people, and bodybuilders/athletes in particular, cannot live on a fruit or plant-based diet because they NEED protein to build and maintain muscle. Danielle Miranda has joined us at our Level Two live intensive this week and is here to show that nothing is farther from the truth!

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cathy on Sep 18, '19

thank you for this, so much garbage on the internet and youtube and leaves the mind in a confused state. scripture says though, Hosea4:6 says"my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge." am gonna leave at that. I myself just started this journey and I feel thankful for human beings like you.

Cheryl M on Nov 9, '17

Go go go! Who what an inspirational video, this little lady is a plant based power house – such grace, beauty and strength from this way of living – it’s inspired me to Keep going. Needed it today – cold in the UK & this can throw you off – but this video helped keep me more on track – she’s incredible! happy days.

Nick on Oct 23, '17

She seems like an amazing athlete and person.I would really like to me her and workout with her.I am trying to be a frugivore but I still eat some vegetables.

Amanda on Oct 22, '17

Good one ! fueled by plants !!

Veronica on Oct 21, '17

Awesome !!

Irwin Shlafman on Oct 21, '17
The idea that we need protein, which implies the muscle tissue or other parts of another creature to build our bodies is what is completely misunderstood.

what the human body needs are amino acids with which the human body, with its infinite wisdom, will construct human muscle tissue, and effect repairs to various parts of the body, as needed, for the human being to function at his best or her best

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