Glandular Policy

Glandular Policy

May 21, '182 comments

We have been receiving many questions recently about our policy on recommending and selling glandular products. I would like to take a moment to let everyone know what the policy is and why this policy is in place.

Please understand that the companies who manufacture the glandular formulas have their own policies in place as well, and often will only sell directly to practitioners. Calling these companies and requesting to purchase directly from them will not convince them to sell to you directly, and could lead to our company losing the ability to carry and sell those glandular products to those who can truly benefit from them. We are making every effort to respect the policies and guidelines of these manufacturers, and we kindly request that our members do the same. We would like to continue to have the opportunity and privilege to provide the glandular products to our members as is appropriate.

The Glandular products can only be purchased by a member when they are recommended on a personalized protocol from one of our counselors. The reason we have implemented this policy is because these products are intended to be practitioner recommended, and to be used under the guidance of your counselor, who is aware of your weaknesses and is working with you directly.

We did not put this policy into effect to be difficult or to try to prevent members from purchasing products. Please understand that every person is different, and that a glandular may not be the correct option for you. There are herbal formulas available to address every area of weakness in the body, and if you prefer not to schedule an appointment to speak with a counselor, you are welcome to purchase Dr. Morse’s formulas to begin your detoxification journey.

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John Blyth on Mar 19, '19

Is there a particular herbal formula to support weakness of the parathyroid gland instead of using a glandular?

Nick on May 30, '18

I do not see why someone has to prescribe this like it was a drug! Anyway,once you stop taking the glandular won’t you stop filtering because your body is now depending on it?

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