Jan 8, '21

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Stop feeling drained start feeling more energy and freedom. Learn how to reclaim your vitality and feel strong and hopeful again!

Who do you know that wore themselves to dust in 2020 and needs to start off 2021 with a new sense of wellbeing and vitality?

Is it you? Is it a loved one you know?

Many of us are currently battling exhaustion, lack of motivation, brain fog, puzzling levels of fatigue and persistent overwhelm.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It IS possible to reset our systems, reclaim our energy and feel like ourselves again.

But you can’t always do it alone. Sometimes you need help.

These symptoms of exhaustion and brain fog can be a sign of dealing with prolonged stress, adrenal fatigue, long COVID, or other underlying issues. Because of the deep roots of the problem just pushing yourself to try harder or “get motivated” won’t necessarily help.

Instead, you need to reset your adrenal system, nurture your body and mind and create a wellness plan that lets your body heal and reclaim energy at a core level.

You may need to listen to your body in new ways and get helpful information and tools no one ever told you about ranging from nutrition to mindset in order to facilitate your transformation.

And you can do it.

I have created a six-month small group action and coaching experience to help you do it.

Unlike making another New Year’s resolution you’re not going to keep, you can enjoy unique information and support tailored to your needs.

Instead of following a cookie-cutter program and hoping it works you will get individualized coaching as well as group support, in-depth information, and practical tools. Our goal is to help you flip your approach to wellbeing and learn how to know what your body is really asking for.

This unique program will be led by me, Sarah Libbrecht.

I have 20+ years of experience working with clients through nutrition, exercise, and wellness coaching. I am a Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, which means I teach my clients how to reset their systems, and start healing from the inside out.

My passion is supporting clients to feel better and find an exercise routine that fits their needs. This program is no exception. It is designed to give you the benefits of both individual coaching and group support. It is also designed to give you the structure and accountability to keep your momentum going, without putting undue pressure on you to keep up with a system that works for someone else, not you.

We will work throughout the program to help you tailor an individualized approach to your health and you can work at your own pace and make progress towards your personal goals.

You will leave this program experiencing:

  • increased energy
  • sounder sleep
  • fewer mood swings
  • tools for maintaining fitness in a way that honors your body
  • better mental focus and clarity
  • greater sense of wellbeing

You will gain self-knowledge about what is right for you and what your body really needs.


This program will be delivered virtually through a combination of private one-on-one coaching sessions and live group sessions online.

You will learn comprehensive tools through nutrition, mindset, movement and self-care.

You will discover what you need to do to feel more energy and vitality!

Please note: This program is designed for folks who are ready for significant transformation. And it is designed for those who have the appropriate support in their life to make big changes. People who are recovering from bi-polar disorder, depression, or ongoing psychological issues, or overcoming personal trauma must also be working with an independent mental health professional as a prerequisite for this program.

What The Program Includes:

  • 4 Private Coaching Sessions, 45 minutes each, via phone call
  • 8 Group Education Sessions, 75 minutes each, via Zoom Live
  • The link to re-watch all video group coaching sessions
  • Food suggestions, meal ideas, and recipes
  • Food demonstrations during group coaching sessions where we will prepare and cook together
  • Movement/exercise videos
  • Exercise Program Instruction Sheets

Program Structure:

To help you get optimum results for your effort, the six-month program is strategically broken down to include 1-1 private coaching sessions with me and education and exploration sessions with a small group of 5 like-minded peers. Private sessions are held over the phone and are 45 minutes in length. Group education sessions are 75 minutes in length and are held over Zoom. (This means you can take the program from anywhere, travel, and maintain social distance if needed.)

Month #1: Kickoff Private Coaching Session #1

Month #2: 2 Group Education Sessions

Month #3: Private Coaching Session #2 + 2 Group Education Sessions

Month #4: 1 Group Education Session

Month #5: Private Coaching Session #3 + 2 Group Education Sessions

Month #6: Private Coaching Session #4 + 1 Group Education Session

Logistical Details:

This program will run for 6 months, approximately from January to June, depending on when you sign up and begin with your first private coaching call.

Your first private phone session will be held in January. During this 45 minute call, we will discuss your goals for the program and get you started with customized actions to take.

In February we will begin our first group sessions over Zoom. These 75-minute group education sessions will consist of education segments, kitchen demonstrations, exercise demonstrations, and short segments of sharing with time for questions.

In March you will have your 2nd private coaching call in addition to 2 group sessions.

In April you will have 1 group session. This is a light month to allow for necessary integration.

In May you will have 2 group sessions and 1 private coaching call.

In June you will have your final group & private session to wrap up the program with your experiences and together we will discuss your future goals and steps to take.

The power is yours. You can stop wishing you could feel better and start reclaiming your energy and health.

Join us in making 2021 an exciting new beginning.

Get a full six months of support, momentum and information you need to thrive in 2021 for only $350 a month.

The final deadline to sign up is January 15, 2021.

This is a pilot program and the pricing is on sale for the inaugural program. Future programs will reflect regular rates.

Deposit due at sign up $350. Each subsequent month you will be billed $350 for a total of 6 payments.

Getting started on the program is easy - just send me an email!

Email Sarah to sign up and reserve your spot.

If you have questions, we will arrange a 15- minute phone call to discuss your needs.

And, please, spread the news about this program.

5 participants are needed to run this exciting pilot program. Feel free to send this email to a friend, colleague or family member that you would like to join you in enjoying this kind of support and transformation.

Just a reminder, folks. We can do this! We can all do things large and small to make 2021 a better year.

And taking charge of our energy and health is a great first step. Stop wishing, hoping, and praying that when you flip your calendar to 2021 life will be magically better. Take action to make it happen by flipping your approach to health and finally take things into your own hands and feel the energy & the vitality you know you deserve!

If you would like to learn more about the program, or to sign up click here to email Sarah

Click Here to Register 



Please Note: The following message is being sent as a service to members of Dr. Morse's Herbal Health Club. DMHHC is not responsible for the content of this email, but believes it to be of interest to its members.  Please use the links provided in the email to contact the event organizer.

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